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X360: Problems connecting to host on COD4


Been having a problem recently connecting to my mate's Xbox 360, we want to do private match but neither can connect ie "ERROR: cannot connect to host" etc. Happens both ways regardless of who is hosting the game. However we can invite each other into public matches with any random players. Only happened just recently, before, about a week ago, it was fine.

Also happens on Dirt2 which we play together.

Any ideas?
No, we've been playing in games together hosted by someone else but cant play with each other if we host it ourselves.
port forwarding on your router ?

i had the same thing at teh weekend no matter what i couldnt connect to games or joing my brothers party and stuff but when i made sure all the ports were been forwarded correctly it now works a treat
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Reset the network settings on your Xbox mate.

Mine used to do it and that usually clears it up a treat.
Tried that but tbh I have no idea about setting up ip addresses and shizzle :S Now it wont connect to network at all when prompted to test connection.
Oh yeah, and I cant remember my username either, not used it since I set up my router :S
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