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X65 cup racer inspired inferno track car

Not posted on here in a good few years, my last build thread i fairly documented then sort of just forgot about it.


Anyway enough of the stancy scene boy 1.2 nonsence. After a couple more 1.2s I fancied going for what i always wanted a sport, found a tidy little inferno 182 cup wich i couldnt say no too! Which i then started tidying up and getting it the way i wanted it too look. Quickly became this


Now i know what your all thinking... Not very cup racer look.

So kept the clio like this for about 2 years and then as the usual happens with these i turned to track days! Then that was that! Car got lighter and lighter and more track orientated and before i knew it i had turned it into this 🏁


Will definitely need to get a full build thread done on this! Get it documented from start to finish. Alot of work and effort has been put into and still going into it.


  • IMG_20200603_232802_073.jpg
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That look fantastic. Love to hear more about the spec.

Thanks alot, Appreciate that. I have a quick write up done on here.