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Youngest 172/Cup Owner

  Lionel Richie

Are you all on your own insurance??? Im going under my mums but i think im going to have to wait a year until im 20


I honestly think im still 18 and just left college!!!

Mind you, I could not afford the insurances on the WRX, Elise and CUP, so there are down and upsides to every age group!!!

WRX - £1040

Elise - £920

CUP - £940 (I had to start off new insurance for this hence No no-claims)

They are all for the wife (26) and I

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

danny boy what is your insurance like for the cup then? Mine is going to be £1550 with Tesco, 2 yrs ncb, 3 points sp30, fully comp.

Gaz 2130

its £1300 fully comp for me.

Just had a quote on a P1 Scooby which I plan to get next year and then use the Cup as a track/quartermile car.

I cant repeat what they told me...


Im 21 (that was 8 years ago by the way.....)

Just spent £2k on a new tele when I could of had a new set of 17s on the car as well as some other mods. Am I crazy??


  Shiny red R32


£2k on a new television? You must be crackers, as surely there isnt much worth watching these days! Even £1k would have been a bit over the top, but £1,000 on the TV and the wheels might have made a bit more sense!

:cry: might be me......LOL

20 now on my 2nd 172.

had a MK1 when i was just turning 19.......dont sound so good does it ....LOL....

but again, the cars were free (sponsorship) and insurance is company paid, and its a fixed feee in HK, depending on NCB %. 0% and you pay just under £ quibbles no arguements......

But i dont pay that spoilt!???.....i work my little pampers wearing bottom off!

GR - worth it just to watch Top Gear, 5th gear and Driven!

Saying that, I suppose I should have asked for your advice before spending the dosh first!


  Shiny red R32


Did you ever get round to giving Thomas his washing, waxing and plenty of TLC?

  Silver Fabia vRS

DannyBoy - Only an Induction and ECU Remap along with uprated brakes, lowered and non-standard alloys - the induction alone increased it by £140!
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by ChavyBoy on 22 October 2002

Have we get any Coffin Dodgers on the board then ?
I am in the above bracket, although my 172 has the engine in the wrong place and some fat bits stuck on it.

Everytime I see a 172 driven by babies I imagine them in a coffin quite soon.

Im 26 - £1000 fully comp - got a lovely quote from Endsleigh before I decided to stick with ASA - £8547 !!!!!! Whats that all about - insurance for a lears jet for a day would be cheaper!

b******s. That makes me rather ancient around here at 36. But then again I paid £438 for my Cup insurance, protected no claims, for both me and my wife... Not bad.
  320d M Sport

hmmm, 24 3 yrs ncd, no claims, no points.................£1400! CIA. And that really was the cheapest (Manchester postcode.....damn it!)

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Im 26, 25 when I bought my 172, £1,200 3 years no claims, 8 1/2 years driving, no accidents (yet).
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Im 20, I think this makes me the youngest owner of a 172.

My prize? Anual payment of £1602 to Tesco Insurance Ltd - LOL.