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Your gonna love this! and you might get 50 quid from me too!

I have recently been given the opportunity to create a non-official ltd edition clio 172.

Im gonna call it the clio RS-R (unless you can think of anything better, cooler, more catchy or likely to get sales.

Anyway, itll be on a nice set of alloys (not decided, a pol might be a good idea) slightly lowered, a few engine mods, exhaust and body work.

ANyway, im no good at graphics. SO this is where any of you come in. I need you to design some RS-R logos that will be put on the car.

Yes, you will be the creator of the RS-R logo!!!!!

And the design (if we pick yours) may recieve 50 quid out my own pocket or maybe more if i can convince renault that its worth it. But surely the idea of having designed part of a new clio is cool enough.

Basically, (i.e on a red clio) there will be a thin white (2-4mm) stripe along the shoulders of the car from front wing to rear wing (above the door handle line) then when it reaches the C pillar, the line will stop, then the RS-R logo, then the line will continue for a few inches then stop....and the RS-R badge on the back.

Please please help!!!

Please email logos to:

your more than welcome to leave ideas on wheels, styling, visions, name of ltd edition clio etc etc.

Cheers all

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

How long have we got to submit?
If you are using RS-R as the logo how about collaberating with Khan Alloys and getting them to supply a set of RS-Rs to the winner?
Plus your 50quid of course. LOL!!


seriously people....there must be some grapic design people/students here!
within the month would be great but as early as possible otherwise itll just hold up the cars.

Dont think the khan thingy will be possible
  172 Cup

Ben if a lack of response is going to "hold up" the cars why dont you do what anyone else would do and pay a design company to do this for you. If this is a legitimate venture you are doing I dont see the problem.

More info may be useful for members on here, then you may get a higher reponse figure. Is this a Renault HK exercise or have you simply been given a few cars to "play" with???
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Just out of interest, is there any "branding" to be applied to this logo? Or is it a complete start from scratch logo.


This is a HK reanult execise and it will be a legitamite model in the rage, above the 172. Itll have more power, slightly stiffer and lower suspension, much nicer wheels (but same size to cut down on tyre costs).

the logo is start from scratch, but should really keep in line with the clio image, kinda bubbly, but more aggressive as its gonna be the best bettered if ya know what i mean.

I dont wantto go to a design company cause itll be stupid amounts of money for a logo, and i just thought it would be cool if you guys (& gals) had a part in it thats all.

its not gonna hold up cars, but the sooner the better, with the new 206 comming out and the CTR etc etc.

well, im in HK where jap cars rule supreme in the tunning word. SO, maybe jumping on the band wagon is a good thing.

RSx sounds a bit more classy, something you would put on a full laether espace or something.

But its doesnt have to be called the RS-blah blah.
you could call it squatting prawn, lemon river.


Sent a couple to the e-mail address you posted. This was before reading the start from scratch comment!

Oh well...
  172 Cup


If you could push out enough power you could call it the "RS200". Or would you get done for copyright infringement?!?!

i might sell it as 200, even though we might end up with more like 192-195bhp.

we might well get done for coryright, eventhough ford didnt really sell it.

Maybe RS-R200 bit long though.

maybe if the R was more agresive like type Rs are.

But it doesn have to de different mate, if it looks good in the renault sport style font (as i thought it probably does) then thats great!

CHeers all

sorry guys, buti should of mentioned that its gonna be one coulour, white on red and blue clios, cant think of what colour would be good on the silver. ideas?

Capt. Cheers for the quick response, but i think it need to be more agressive.......i will keep my ctriticisms tame .

andy, nice, were getting along the right lines. But i think just the lettering RS-R is fine, no need for the cliosport colours.

this is quite good.


  Shiny red R32

You deserve the money Ned! I wonder if the crafty BenR is really getting £500 to design the logo and he cant think of one, so is taking the easy way out and offering us guys just 10%! If so, cheapskate Ben!

you are a god!!!
thats exactly what i was mentally picturing (not the same quality though) with the two stripes!!!!

man, that iss the best ive seen and thatll probably end up on the car, unless anybody can come up with a better design, but its gonna be hard.

There is no money for me to design the log, ltd edition car etc etc. I just get money if i can sell them.

But if all goes well, when i get back in to the UK....a big fat cheque of 50 quid (i know not alot, but the satisfaction of designing the RS-R branding logo is enough sureley !) is gonna be in the post.

CHeers matey!!!!

again ned...great!!
i cant get over it!!!

In the original B&W logo, there is a gap between the top of the S & the back of the R, could you keep this?

also (i know its asking alot, but could you extend the 2 stripes beyond the R for about an inch?


Top man!

sorry for ranting on, but your not a graphic designer or anything?

how did you do it? did you create the font yourself?

if you dont mind, we might hire you every now and then to design graphics and logos, window ads, branding logos etc etc in the future, instead of out ad company, your miles better than them!!

and its decent money too!!

Ned, just showed it to the MD and youve got type approval.
That is if nobody else come up with a better one .

Thanx BenR, glad you liked the logo!

I am a graphic designer actually, have been for the past 12 years although Im doing other stuff at the moment due to circumstance but feel free to ask for anything you need as Id be glad to help.

Ill send you the logo in B&W later when I get a mo, with the changes youve specified, let me know if its ok?

Thanx again!