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  1. Adams_16v

    Yo folks. I'm back, and have a quick favour to ask, purleeeeeease.

    Thanks folks! Welsh182 - standard mk4 ECU deimobilised and unlocked. Just fitting a new bigger turbo so will be taking it to R-Tech for a custom map soon.
  2. Adams_16v

    Yo folks. I'm back, and have a quick favour to ask, purleeeeeease.

    Nah then Cliosporters, How goes it? Been a while since I've been on here. Some of you older members may remember me (i've been here since the start, over 12 years foooooook!). I've not owned a Clio for some time now, but currently have a mk2 Golf 20v turbo for fun. Thought id give...
  3. Adams_16v

    Saab 9-5 Aero HOT estate. Practical comfortable weapon!

    It's not bad with it considering. Doesn't half shift though.
  4. Adams_16v

    Saab 9-5 Aero HOT estate. Practical comfortable weapon!

    This is my car for sale.
  5. Adams_16v

    Audi A3 1.8 20v Turbo. Cheap car, ends tonight.

    My car, selling as I have something else now! Ends this evening! (Wednesday 8th Feb 2012).
  6. Adams_16v

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    I have had no issues at all with mine. Updated a couple of times to fix bugs, bugs that I never even noticed existed. Shame you're having problems as they are great phones. As for FB contacts syncing with your address book. This was removed because it gave a false sense of security with your...
  7. Adams_16v

    Samsungs Galaxy S-II V's Nexus.

    I was in the same boat, but after much research, AND the fact that the SII beats it on a number of points, it is still the better of the two if you ask me. The screen is incredible and as Tom say's its pure Google so doesn't have any 3rd party loaders or other shite on there that will be on the...
  8. Adams_16v

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    I don't think you'll be disappointed mate, but yes it is a lot of money. I got mine on contract. If you changed your mind, then you would still get top dollar for it anyway. I had a 3 for 3 years. I know its not comparable, but I have access to and have used an iPhone 4 plenty of times. :)
  9. Adams_16v

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    well its a fair bit bigger. But it didn't feel like a had a lot bigger phone in my pocket. That's what I meant. I'd say the screen is about the biggest you could use comfortably though without having to struggle to reach the top when using it with one hand. ICS is the best OS I have ever...
  10. Adams_16v

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    It is big, but bigger is better IMO (within reason). Carrying it around doesnt feel any different to my old Desire really. and side by side the iPhone 4 screen looks rubbish. It really does blow it out the water. Depends what you need it for though I suppose, I like a bit screen and do a lot...
  11. Adams_16v

    10p android app promo.

    It's pretty good. Reckless Getaway is is the 10p one. Defo worth 10p thats for sure. Reckless Racing is better though, especially the online play. I got the official Tetris too.
  12. Adams_16v

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    I've had the Nexus for a couple of weeks. Great phone, very slick and fast. Only downside is some apps are buggy that worked fine on 2.3 so I'm awaiting updates. Everything else is spot on though, very happy with it, especially the screen.
  13. Adams_16v

    Cheapest way of running an online shop

    You can do it for peanuts if you can do the basics yourself. Open Cart is not bad for a free E-Commerce solution, although I would advise spending probably around £400 on better software. It all depends on what you need though. For a basic shop the Open Cart is more than good enough, but it...
  14. Adams_16v

    My Website file size = 8,388,608 TB

    haha bloody hell! I got a txt from O2 the other month saying I had sent 32,000 txts in a month. Impossible!
  15. Adams_16v

    Help with SEO & Feedback on my (nearly complete) website.

    Site looks pretty good! I like the bird graphics. Tables are bad for SEO though. Site also seems very slow for me, Google will penalise for slow loading sites. C.J has pointed out the main issues. As for buying loads of domains... this can help. It would mean buying and developing 'keyword...