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Recent content by black-cat

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    Wow.. cool..

    It is apparently ver common, what makes it even funnier is that my reg **02 *** comes up as a 1998 - 1999 1.2 Clio - a car that cannont legally have that number plate.
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    Wow.. cool..

    7 - . easy to mistake.
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    Just got a quote for these mods

    Greenlight was very good for me. Mods - Alloys, lowered, brembo 4 pots and big discs. All for £250 cheaper than tescos and directline who were the next cheapest.
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    You also need the xenon charging units, bolt on to the back of the headlight unit. I think the cost from renault is £350 +vat each for these but Im not sure.
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    Wow.. cool..

    Are you sure that was for a 172, sainsburys site when I entered my reg came up with a 1.2 clio. [Edited by black-cat on 27 May 2004 at 12:56pm]
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    registered wrtie offs

    Was that Lotus Carlton re-shelled? as I cant believe the roofline and sill was straightened.
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    my optimax experience

    I believe the 182 does have a "knock" sensor, although I am not to sure if the ECU programming is such as to take full advantage of optimax by advancing the ignition timing to the extent required. It does amaze me however how many people are unwilling to spend the extra few pence to better...
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    CLIO 172 FIRE!!

    Is there any way we can find the build date of the cars that have gone up in flames so far, as it cant be a coincidence if they were built around the same time. i.e. Could there be a batch of dodgy wiring looms?
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    FAO K-tec/people that got carbon splitter

    I beginning to think I was lucky as mine arrived almost perfect. Cant quite understand how the couriers managed to damage other peoples, must have had fragile written on it a hundred times.
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    any cs owners in swales

    Blackwood, work in Cardiff.
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    FAO K-tec/people that got carbon splitter

    I got mine today as well. Willl fit it next weekend.
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    Dialling back the pistons on mine took it up to seven clicks on the handbrake. Would have failed the mot next year unless I adjusted it.
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    Changing the backs aint as easy as in the pictures (but you didnt ask about the backs), but the fronts are that simple. For the backs if you dial the pistons back as shown in the pictures you mess up you hand-brake. To remedy this you have to get under the car and adjust the handbrake adjuster...
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    Exalto 2 Tyres on 182 with Cup Suspension

    I seem to remember that the cup was also advertised as having a stiffer sidewall tyre, but I dont think there was a difference between their contis and the contis on my meagre 172.
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    insurance again!

    That problem with online insurance quotes is quite common. My 172 also comes up as a 97-99 1.2 clio. I talked to one guy who works for an insurance company and he said problems like that are caused when a garage pencils a reg for one car then assigns it to a different car, sounded very dodgy to...