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Recent content by Bobby.

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    Using a smaller turbo from a 1.2TCE in a 182?

    I was always under the impression that the std ecu can't cope with mapping in boost, weather it be low or high boost. Their for your still going to need to go stand alone ecu which is the most expensive part. Basically theirs no cheap way about it really.
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    Anybody went for 15" to 17" wheels?

    Some have, but then they realise their sh*t and go back to 15" or 16" edit: didn't notice it was for a mk3.
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    New Twingo...

    Could be I suppose.
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    New Twingo...

    Is it me or is the colour match of the bumper on the brown one well out?
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    New Twingo...

    The bonnets are quite weird, they slide open.
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    Stunning 27k 1 owner ph1 172

    F**k me, they are starting to jump up in price.
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    Spacers for track car. What's max for rear and front?

    Yeah your wrong, the lower the number the wider the track.
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    Spacers for track car. What's max for rear and front?

    Look through some of the racers project threads, your find no one really goes past 30mm, it's not all about having a wide track.
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    Spacers for track car. What's max for rear and front?

    25mm up front and 15mm on rear is the normal sort of width people run.
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    Standing down as SE Rep :(

    Yeah I'm alright, don't have a clio but I'm still lurking lol. Do you know who's taking your place?
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    Standing down as SE Rep :(

    Shame to hear that Kyle, I think you've been a brilliant Rep.
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    MX5 Cup Troll

    Nice move!
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    *** CSS '14 Picture Thread ***

    Looks like it was a good day.
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    Titanium Ph1 172

    As saggy as a witches tit!
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    KTEC stage 1 remap for clio 200 yey or nay??

    Is 300 the cost for them to do it or the predicted power output?