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Recent content by clarkiev6

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    Key Problems!

    the chip has gone in one key and the other is u/s or needs programming back to the car.
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    weird noise on idle 172

    dephaser i expect mate.
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    Airfield Video and results table

    excellent...well done mark.
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    !!!!!!issues help!!!!!!

    sounds like the alternator mate...or a dodgy earth
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    Exeter - Ph1 Vee at Countess Wear

    i have seen him as well.
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    the williams turbo

    sell it to me??
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    5 turbo...rebuild begins!!

    the original 5 turbo was rear engined mate, then came the gordini f/w/d and then the gt turbo also f/w/d
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    5 turbo...rebuild begins!!

    thanks guy's...we going to make it a full on racer now. buckets/ harnesses/ roll cage/ stripped out interior/ bigger turbo etc etc. if anyone works in any trade (not garages) would be interested in putting their names on the car when its finished...let me know, i will need a bit of...
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    5 turbo...rebuild begins!!

    thats the one mate.. gonna use as many parts from the original as i can.
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    my 5 turbo 1 rolled

    new thread is up.
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    5 turbo...rebuild begins!!

    made a start....
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    my 5 turbo 1 rolled

    lol will take some pics...
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    my 5 turbo 1 rolled

    had a look a rebuild a go at the moment!! alex
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    my 5 turbo 1 rolled

    not insured mate!! insurance don't cover me for racing.
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    my 5 turbo 1 rolled

    looks like its going to be a write off!