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    Think I need a new windscreen

    a big mo fo stone hit it on the way to york in the top corner, and i leaned on it quite hard while washing the car one day and made it much worse! Does need sorting though!
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    Rev to 8k vid finally here!!

    180 at the wheels?! Bloody hell, my T/Bd clio with £6ks worth of engine only makes 169 at wheels mate
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    Cool photo shops mate, i reckon i might give that a go! And lowering next?! you seen how low it is at the front?! Its on Williams track and coilovers, little high at the back because its stripped and set up for performance rather then looks :D
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    The lower half is sprayed black, looks ace i think expecially as on white cars tehy tend to look really bad
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    take bumpers off to spray them. Hole is shocking, not even straight! The plan was a few small holes, but because its double skinned it looked sh*te (sh*tter then this though?) so they had to do it all over again, and i move down south this Saturday so if time was on my hands id get them to sort...
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    They didnt take windows out, and can do door sills, its completely up to whatever spec you want it to be
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    Its called Madocks, post code is CH45 7LN, you need to ask for Gary and say that Mehdi sent you for the group buy so everyone else can get it as cheap. The number is 0151-630 1771 The bonnet is carbon fibre and the bulge has been left so you can see the weave, it looks really good close up but...
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    front bumper bracket is f**ked, as per usual on all Clios ive owned, it will all be addressed. Not patchy at all mate, the quality is top notch
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    1.2 VTEC re-spray pics

    Got it back today, happy with it considering how much i paid (£350!) but i HATE the vent they have cut for the T/B filter, looks sh*te, but i will get something sorted for it soon, and it serves a purpose.
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    Santa Pod scruteneering

    Its gonna be the same as york i assume? I dont have the part that holds the battery to the tray but York said because i have a carbon bonnet it didnt matter. Should i get this addressed before the RTOC day? [Edited by clean16v on 28 June 2005 at 6:38pm]
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    Yellow Valver A217

    that may have been my old one. Owned by Martin now, was it freakishly fast?
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    Any one seen lowrider lately

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    H&S 182 exhaust fitted

    look very very nice
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    READING MEET pics / vid

    Sweet! And i thought there were a lot of members in the N/W! Pics look good, love the run pics, they are excellent. Look forward to meeting you all in the near future. Mehdi