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Clio 200 Clutch Bleed | Warrington / North West

  Clio 200
Quick question,
I've got the 'normal' gearbox issues when cold, which seems to be much less of an issue if I get pressure into the hydraulic system by pressing the brake pedal firmly whilst selecting 1st gear, on a cold morning.
Aside from that, all's good.

So, I'm going to get a brake/clutch bleed; question is, will most garages (got a few Japanese specialists in Warrington) be able to adequately bleed the clutch on the Clio, or, am I better off with a Renault/RS Clio specialist?
Seems overkill to drive all the way to Birchdown for what could be a simple job (for those who know how/have the tools)

  Clio 200
:up: Spot on mate, have you used them before?
Reason I ask, is the big belt service is due soon & people seem to be hot/cold on where to have them done


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My brother has used him for minor stuff on his Megane 225.

Seems spot on. Don't know about belts though...


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I popped by once and he was very helpful with a code read. Can't comment on belts.
Steve and Andy would get my vote at f you want to stay in the NWish, Birchdown in Malpas excellent services the three times I have been.
Although I am actually going to @MicKPM in Nottingham this time as he's sorting a few other bits out aswell and has been helpful on PM with a few q's
@bloke in Liverpool might also be able to help if you PM him.

Considering the cost of belts its worth these longer treks IMHO.
  Clio 200
Cheers, i'll give him a ring, as he's quite close for the odd-job, will still plan on getting the belts done at Birchdown.
This might seem like a right tardy question - but...
When cold (1st thing in the morning), selecting 1st gear is quite stiff & have to use a bit of force/persuasion. It seems to be easier to select if I press the brake pedal down until hard, and then go to select 1st. Would the 2 things be related, or pure coincidence? All I know is, the clutch is fed from the same master cylinder...
Master cylinder is at the correct level, however, the brake pedal travels fairly far, & is a tad spongy (brake overhall to be done after the major service/belts!).
Also got some new gear oil to swap out, just no motivation to actually do it :pensive:


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Cant help you there fella,
I'm sure Gary might have an opinion or the other three I mentioned definitely will.
its a 10 minute job to bleed the clutch and no special tools required. I'd be doing it myself to be honest.

Oh, and the clutch/brake systems are separate. They only share the reservoir so air in either system won't affect the other.
  Clio 200
Never replied! So, had the gear oil changed, clutch bled, powerflex'd the lower engine mount, and it's much improved. Occasionally difficult to select 1st or reverse after starting, but nowhere near as bad as it was

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  Clio 200
Again, realized I never updated this thread;

It ended up getting difficult again, and eventually had some clutch drag. New clutch & slave and it's been fine ever since (it was a few months ago now)