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  1. L

    Clio 182 airbag ECU connector fried

    Found the issue of my Clio 182 airbag light ... Airbag ECU connector fried. Has anyone ever had this or have a solution? I was thinking would it be possible to change the connector over, rewire it should it should knock off the airbag light? If anyone has any tips or people to get in touch...
  2. Terrum

    Tips on 'Big 3' upgrade

    I'm looking to do the 'Big 3' electrical upgrade on my 2010 Renault Clio 1.2 16V i-Music. This is where the cables for the alternator positive, alternator/engine negative and battery negative are replaced/added with higher gauge ones, for car audio and potentially better horsepower etc. Does...
  3. R

    Fuel pump doesn’t prime

    Hi all, another post on here, damn this car is so frustrating So today I found out the fuel pump doesn’t prime, but the cables have continuity, I’ve traced the green power cable to The main relay box, and the black negative to the earth in the boot, but there is still no clock, and the radio...
  4. S

    Handbrake light

    Hi there was wondering if anyone could help at all. So basically my handbrake light on the dash never goes out. The pads are fine and do brake fluid is fine and sensor been changed. Garage haven't got a clue and I can't get the damn thing off! Anyone else come across this? Thanks
  5. J

    How To Make An LED Work In The Interior Light

    I was changing out my interior bulb today and ran into a problem I have see on a different thread, where an led bulb swap in the interior light doesn't fully work in all modes (when doors open light auto turns on etc.). I got a multi meter and measured the voltage and found that when switching...
  6. M

    Electrics tripping out when driving

    Hi, I've got a Renault Clio 182 2004, with 77k miles and today the electrics started tripping out whilst driving to work. The radio, fans and lights would go off then come back on again after approx. 10 seconds. The dash would light up like a Christmas tree. I noticed tonight when I went to pick...
  7. T

    Fog light help!

    Hi all, I know there are numerous threads on this issue but I can't find an answer to my query. I have a 2003 Mk2 Ph2 clio and have bought fog lights and the wiring loom that goes with it, as my car didn't have it. My question is where does the loom plug into, apart from the 2 fogs obviously. I...
  8. Jordan pooley

    Clio radio problem?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a 2003 Clio and every time I turn the ignition on I have to enter the radio code. So if I enter the code the radio will work fine but if I turn the ignition off it will ask me to enter the radio code again. The garage said the woman had fitted an aftermarket head...
  9. A

    Common Electrical Failure Points

    Just going through sorting the issues with my "new" 172. To date I've hit the following electrical problems: - door open light on all the time, all sensors seem fine, nothing on CLIP, - a week ago, the starter wouldn't turn over intermittently, but started in the end. I'm tempting fate, but that...
  10. N

    Indicator/rear light cluster problem - now car won't start

    Evening CS, Noticed the rear light (right side) wasn't working. Took rear cluster out, got the rear light working looked as if the wires had become a little loose. Took car out tonight and the indicator on the left rear wasn't working and dash light and side/front lights were going double...