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How To Make An LED Work In The Interior Light

  Renault Clio mk2
I was changing out my interior bulb today and ran into a problem I have see on a different thread, where an led bulb swap in the interior light doesn't fully work in all modes (when doors open light auto turns on etc.). I got a multi meter and measured the voltage and found that when switching from door mode to light always on, it switches the polarity.
My solution to this problem is to get two led lamps hot glue gun them together and solder them to each other in opposite polarity. So therefore when the light is in door open mode one of the led lamps light up then when you switch the light to always on the other led lamp lights up due to the polarity being different, hope that makes sense and it is an easy enough fix if you have basic soldering experience.
Image below of the final led lamp that works!!! :smile:
p.s on the image the polarities are labled on the leds just follow the wires and you can see what goes where.