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  1. J

    Passenger electric window only working with headlights on??

    Hi everyone, I‘ve got a problem with my 2005 Clio 1.2 16V. The passenger side electric window only works when the headlights are on, both from the driver‘s and the passenger‘s switch. I recently took a look at the wiring at the driver‘s switch because the old switch stopped working and the...
  2. L

    Mark 3 led lights

    Has anyone got angel lights for a mark 3 pre facelift
  3. H

    Headlight problems....

    Hi please help!! I'm a single Mum and need advice!! So my saga started Tuesday night when my headlights wouldn't turn off, I disconnected the battery but had pressed the central locking to then realise the passenger door lock doesn't work 🤦🏻‍♀️ one useless AA Home start membership and £120 on a...
  4. B

    Clio 182 xenon lights

    Hi all, I have a clio 182. I need a new xenon light unit and I just got one and noticed it has a different back colour. My original is a light grey bezel and this new one is a dark silver with black trim. Looking online there seems to be chrome, black and this silver colour. My car is...
  5. K

    Clio MK3 headlights.

    Hi guys. I have a new pair of mk3 headlights worth around £200 brought them to replace on my own car when had an accident but the car was written off so am now stuck with them. Is there any sites anyone knows of that would be good to advertise them at a very good price just to get them out of...
  6. A

    DCi daily love affair

    Hi all, hope I'm putting this in the right place this time ?. just wanted to say hi and start a thread about my daily which was saved from the scrap yard in the sky and now under "project" status. Roll the clocks back to October and my other half came home from work with tales of been given a...
  7. T


    Help ... How do I change my headlights on a Renault Clio mk2 . I'm not mechanicly minded but I can pick things up very quickly with some guidance any help is much appreciated I've just put new rear lights on but can' figure out how the front come off I've managed to fix my leaking sunroof and...
  8. S

    how to clean up headlight lense?

    Hello, my headlights are vile and extremely cloudy. almost feels like an extra layer in some parts of the headlight. Anyone know how to clean them thoroughly? i have tried T cut, toothpaste, wd40 etc. No luck so far Thanks
  9. Joe Wootten

    Strobing Headlights (Fault)

    Looking for someone to cast some light on a problem i've got with my 182, Past few days my headlights have been going on and off, you can hear the relay in the passenger foot-well going crazy, ive changed the relay and no luck with that and now today its started messing with the wipers and...
  10. ellisg93

    A Series of Electrical Issues

    Really need some help please! Have some electrical issues that i'm struggling to diagnose as i'm brand new to these cars. - Passenger window - doesn't go up or down... I've replaced the switches both sides as i've heard this is a common issue. Before I did this, I did manage to get it to go up...
  11. ThatKidSmokey

    Headlights point down??

    After a couple of seconds of turning the engine on My 197 auto headlights point down at the road giving me 2ft of vision at best during night time drives, I've been told that something may have "popped off" anyone got anymore info on how to fix this?
  12. H

    Clio mk3 phase 1 Halogen headlight Upgrade to 197 Genuine Xenon headlights Guide

    hi guys i will be Making a full guide of me changing my halogen projector lights to genuine Oem xenon's, off a clio 197 2007 1st my car is a phase 1 mk3 clio 1.5 dci (also know as clio 3) pictures will be up soon there is a lot of confusion about will it work? you need a different loom? etc etc...
  13. JKC172

    Headlight restoration WOW!

    I know it's been said loads of times on but I can't not post about this. My 172 headlights were an absolute mess when I bought it last year. After spending a lot of time upgrading brakes and generally tidying the car the only thing letting it down was the lights. I couldn't afford...