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Clio Cup Rally Car first (2nd) Event

Thought I would start this thread as a record of my car in competition.

It started as a standard 182 Cup and I had the intention of buying it to sell on but I decided to keep it and turn it into a rally car. I used to sprint and hillclimb around the South West along side @GrahamV182 . I had a very quick 340bhp Audi TT quattro which I sold to fund the conversion. I still use the Clio in those comps but now in Rally Class and its not as quick ? but it is much much more fun to chuck around ??

Nick from @pure-motorsport has helped with the gearbox and diff and the Car was built by ARM Motorsport where Nick gets his car rolling roaded with the help of Sandy Brown.





The pictures above were from the first Sprint event at Raf Portreath . The event ended on the last run with a crankshaft sensor failure.

The next was 100 stage miles at the TSH stages but a wheel coming off and a clutch disintegration brought my real first rally to a premature end with just two stages under my belt. So nick had to rebuild my box for the second time whilst he was building his Mk3 Clio Turbo with over 450bhp!

This then lead to the next event Bocconoc 2018 25 stage miles of tarmac and some forest track. 43 cars started with some pulling out due to torrential rain. This made the tarmac under the trees very very slippy and especially where the forest tracks joined the tarmac.


This is a small clip from a friend Bob Eddy

In the end finished 25th Overall with only a broken wing mirror to fix after hitting it on straw bales all day!

Next event another Sprint at Raf Portreath the the first closed road hillclimb in England at Watergate bay Newquay (Boardmasters hill for anybody under 20!) Watergate Bay Hillclimb 15th/16th Sept.
Keeping it as close to Group N as possible so apart from diff which is MFactory via @pure-motorsport and vibratechnics engine mountsl all is Renault. It has a custom cages weld in cage. RRS from France fire extinguisher system, harnesses and steering wheel. Cobra seats. The suspension is all new standard and a sump guard from Pure. As it works in Group N and stock its cheap to repair! Rolling road session from last year on stock engine saw 175bhp.

I will get the Pure strengthening wishbone set over the winter and maybe the solid top mounts, what do people think does a clio need a strut brace? An engine refresh and lightweight racing exhaust to replace the scorpion on there.
  Audi rs3/Clio 172cup
Car looks well mate. And I’ve seen some videos from that event. (Sideways bmw?) id like to enter it but it couldn’t be further away from me.


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  dan's cast offs.
Nice to see sensible cage, see so many that have double diagonals all over the place, even the roof, when the shell is small enough to not need them and all people end up doing is adding weight!!!
This weekend was the first closed public road in the UK at Watergate bay near Newquay. 3 years in the planning mainly down to one man Dave Brenton of Truro & District Motor Club ?. I entered the Clio Rally and gave it a new vinyl face lift!

Didn't stand too much of a chance against these two!
Full Spec Ex WRC Works Subaru and Metro 6R4

And a 800Bhp Mini Quattro (Ex Speed Hunters)

In car shot of the run.


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Dont see much challenge in that route as a hillclimb. Seriously short too. At least its brought motorsport out to the people though.
The first year the MSA put restrictions on the length and no single seaters but Cornwall is not covered in long hills! @Pauleds as you say brought more people out we had 100s of cars each day which is more than all the other cornish motorsport events together. Hoping next year Plymouth run a few miles around Bocconoc to link some stages up but we shall see! TSH stages gives 100 stage miles for the same entry as the two days for 3.9m! (less tyre wear though!) @Chris_Beer 31.08 in the dry 32 something in the wet


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  Merc Dueliner sport
Perhaps they should run a sprint rather than a hillclimb. Bet there is some great roads for that down there.

May saw us enter the TSH stages 110 hard airfield rally around the old RAF Base at Portreath in Cornwall. Didnt start so well as we pulled up to start line and with 30s to go steam appeared from under bonnet so loosened belts to get out and then deceived just to go for it with 5s on clock as steam seam t have stopped but all out of sorts with loose belts still tightening them as we entered stage!

Started car 50 and after that had a good run until stage 7 when on breaking into a tight right hander on loose broken tarmac ran a bit wide and punted one of the large bales. Took out wing/light and bent steering arm but all still driveable.

Endded the day after stage 9 running car 32 so please with that but that didnt last as we woke up the next day only to find car 43?? Later found we had a 13minute penalty for missing a chicane when chasing down another car and the nav just said follow him as fast as you like!

Two more stages and all good then 7 or 8 miles into next stage and changed gear only to find a box of nothing. We thought a shaft had gone at first but when we got it back to garage it seemed the diff had had an issue so this is now under investigation.

Sorry no in-car as we are not allowed to film inside the base and can only have the vetted official photos!

77 miles 60litres of fuel, 2 tyres toasted, 1 damaged diff. Damn expensive weekend but FUN!!



  • The 2019 TSH Stages 3a.jpg
    The 2019 TSH Stages 3a.jpg
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  • The 2019 TSH Stages 3a.jpg
    The 2019 TSH Stages 3a.jpg
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Nice! Sounds like excellent fun :) (although expensive, lol).

Lack of drive sounds like it could be the circlip(s?) in the box if it is the same box design as the Mk1s??
  Audi rs3/Clio 172cup
I ❤ sadev !!!

@Nathan Evans the black 106/saxo was at the event and parked close and didn't have a good first day either still had all the evans rallying stickers on it!!
Hahaha yeah a few people have said. That’s two events now still with the stickers on. Heard they blew the engine up. Was a new build engine in that too