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  1. R

    New to Clio Sport - Just picked up a 182 FF

    Hi, new to this forums and Clio’s in general. Having just picked up this 182 with a very good history of services and parts, I’m just looking to see if there are any good people/company’s on here to keep in mind when buying parts/cosmetics for the car? Also, anyone recognise it? Had a lot of...
  2. Optimista

    Clio Sport 172 ph quick

    Wasn't really looking for a car to buy, but when i came across this for low money i had to react. Soo ph quick, 1st owner, 74k miles. Car was bought by a guy that passed it on to his daugher when she got her driving licence. Was waay under priced. Except two white lines, everything is oem, i've...
  3. N

    Best Exhaust for my Renaultsport Clio 1.6vvt Gordini

    So I have recently bought a Renaultsport Clio 1.6vvt Gordini 2011 and would like the car to have a slightly louder pop. Don't want to spend too much money if I can help it but could I have some recommendations please? Also whilst I'm here what other modifications would you all recommend for...
  4. Z

    Mk3 Clio sport 192 Spoiler

    Hi there im looking for a spoiler for my Mk3 Clio sport 192. Anyone got any suggestions? Thank you
  5. rupes1351

    Renault Clio 197 Renaultsport Black Cambelt/Water Pump Manifold Done HPI Clear

    Hi, selling my clio 197 eBay link is
  6. L

    First fast car

    Hey everyone, I am happy to be introduced in the Clio family after two hard years being in VW gang :laughing:. First time I fell in love with Clio 182 was a year ago after my friend asked if I wanted to drive his. My plan was to get the car at end of this year or start of next year but I went to...
  7. Mitchell Kerr

    Clio Mk3 Project!

    Hey there, new to this forum! All i can say to start off with is that I own a Clio Mk3 facelift but its not an RS. If this offends you then leave, but if you want to see a project that will go somewhere for us who can not afford the RS price then this project is for you! Mods are: AP Coilovers...
  8. J

    2004 Clio Sport 182 erratic coolant temperature sensor problem possibly solved, please read

    I am new on here and I have a 2004 plate clio 182 that has just clocked 98,000 miles. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section and I am sorry for the long essay lol but here goes; I have had the car for 2 weeks and it has been brilliant, very responsive and no loss of power, everything works...
  9. R

    Clio MK3 GT 128

    Hi, new to the forum and was just wondering if anyone out there owns a Clio GT and how they've modified them (if at all) and what they like and dislike! I'm also looking for some coilovers, the mk3s look so much sportier but I can't find any for the GT's! Thanks!
  10. dane0

    heating problem with 182

    Hi guys, Another problem again lol, well ive had it since day one but just not realised it I assume. Its a problem I've had with my coolant and overheating of the car in still traffic on hot days. The needle on my dash starts off normal and slowly rises to normal temp as the car warms up, but...
  11. B

    Destructive Misfire Code 278???

    New to the forums, picked up my 172 sport the other night and it keeps throwing up an engine management light, plugged it into a diagnostic machine and it came up with destructive misfire code 278, has anybody else had this issue in the past? The code reader says spark/coil issue, on the night i...
  12. JamieG95

    JamieG95's RB182

    Picked this up yesterday evening, gave it a clean and took it out for a few photos tonight, more to follow! 182FF with 50k on the clock, extremely pleased with it! My RB182 Clio! by JamieGraham95, on Flickr
  13. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    Alright guys, finally got round to sorting out a little project thread on here for my malaga orange 1.2. This is my first car so i dont want to be throwing loads of money at it. this is what it looked like at stock So the first thing i did was get some alloys, they were cheap and i fancied...