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steering wheel

  1. A

    Steering wheel for Clio 3 RS

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and to owning a Clio so hello first and foremost! As I just mentioned, I've just bought a Clio 3 RS 200 and I love the feel of the steering wheel the size and shape is just perfect. The only issue is that it is starting to peel and I'd love to get that sorted...
  2. T

    Clio 182 Cruise Control wires

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Clio 182 that had an aftermarket Turn One steering wheel. I just changed back to original because I'm missing to have a Cruise control, but as soon as I removed the steering wheel I realised the last owner ripped off the black cruise control wires and the...
  3. Cliomaxx69

    Steering wheel rattle

    Hi, I've noticed a rattle coming from inside the steering wheel / steering column / or being the gauges. It only happens when the wheel is slightly turned to the right or on very rough roads. I also noticed a rattle when I move the wheel left to right at a stop ( check the video). Not sure if...
  4. asrob910

    Clio Cup steering wheel

    Just had the cup out for its proper first run since I bought it 3 weeks ago. Loving it but I have one problem and need a bit of advice. The steering wheel material is HORRIBLE dead sticky and after rubbing my hands together after 10 minutes its cooking away. People will have posted this before...
  5. JKeillor94

    Steering Wheel Swap

    I have a Non sport mk3 Clio Bizu and I want to swap the steering wheel. Looking to see if the 197 wheel would bolt straight on or not? Also, I was looking at an OMP wheel with a quick release kit, how legal are they and how do I get passed an MOT without an airbag? Appreciate any help with...
  6. D

    Steering wheel

    I'm sure there will have been posts about this already but... what do you recommend to do with the steering wheel? Replace it with OMP or similar ( smaller wheel ) or get the standard wheel done in alcantara? If anyone has replaced the wheel, what have you don't with the steering controls...
  7. K

    Mk3 steering wheel switch

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to switch my standard mk3 steering wheel to one with the volume buttons and wire it up so it functions properly
  8. edwarj123

    ESP Light, after market wheel, Angle Sensor

    Hi, Seen this posted somewhere before but can't find the answer. 04 Clio 182 I've swapped out my steering wheel for an OMP wheel and boss. Have put resistors on the airbag wires and wired up the horn and cruise control to one of the custom button plates. I now get the SERV and ESP lights coming...
  9. C

    172 pulling to the left when accelerating and clunks the steering wheel back when braking again

    When i accelerate and let go of the steering wheel the car moves in a straight line forwards but the steering wheel turns to the right and stays there until i press the brakes. When press the brakes (still with my hands off the wheel) there is a "CLUNK" sound and the steering wheel pops back...
  10. Josh1708

    Advice on Clio steering wheels

    New to the forum so be gentleNot sure if the question has been asked but cannot find a thread on this. Question is will a mk1 Clio steering wheel fit a mk2 ph2? Tia
  11. JP83

    Steering Wheel and Boss recommendation

    So I already have a Sparco dished wheel, and I believe an OMP boss. However, with my B&G quick release fitted, the wheel is a tad close to the gut. Long term solution = lose some weight. Short term = a flat wheel, and maybe a shallow boss? Any recommendations on something that won't break the...
  12. D

    Steering wheel angle sensor

    I've recently put a aftermarket wheel on but I broke the angle sensor, I purchased a new one but don't know how to calibrate it, can someone tell me how to do it? TIA
  13. D

    Steering wheel change gone bad!!

    In September 2017 I purchased my 2nd ever Clio. This time I had to go for the 182, however the steering wheel was tatty, I've bought a boss, quick release and new wheel. I've accidentally snapped a cable and believe it is the cruise control one and the dash it's bought up airbag, esp, derv and...
  14. C

    Horn Wiring

    Hi, At the moment I've got two horns, the standard horn and an air horn. They're both on different circuits and different switches. (The original horn on the steering wheel and a dash mounted push button). I want to have both horns operated on the steering wheel horn button. So I was thinking...
  15. R

    MOMO 280mm vs 300mm

    hi, I'm new to this site and I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this or not but can anyone give their opinions (positive and/or negative) on the two sizes of the momo team steering wheel and best place and price to purchase one? Thanks in advance!
  16. MrBlonde

    Omp centre badge

    Can anyone or does anyone know of someone that can make a centre badge for my omp steering wheel please?.im after a Renault diamond one.
  17. James363

    Cup racer steering wheel buttons

    Hi, most race cars seem to have plenty of buttons around the steering wheel for controlling various functions, and I want the same on my rally car, but can't find them anywhere. In case my description was completely off, the cup racer here has the exact product I want: If anyone knows where I...