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  1. 1

    Twingo 133 Owner looking around :D

    Yeah yeah I know I'm on a Clio site, but I'm here looking mainly for a 1*2 steering wheel but thought I'd introduce myself anyway... Names Ad, 22 and I'm from North Wales but work/live around the North West :D I drive a Capsicum Red RS133 with Cup package As said above I'm here looking for a...
  2. S

    AT-Power Twin Housing Renault Twingo K4M 42mm Throttles

    I had a count up of the component parts and gave up at 120 :S Loads of room. Well, there will be as soon as the expansion tank moves to where the battery used to be Thats a big step forwards, but they are back in their box for now :cry:
  3. A

    Twingo 133 or Megane inlet on K4M Clio 1.6 16v

    Has the Twingo inlet been done? Read that it might be possible but not found a thread with it done. What about the inlet off a Megane with the TB on the side? Thinking of fitting a spare 172 airbox I have, get rid of the stupid inlet design but keep it looking factory.
  4. GW200

    My mates Twingo 133

  5. R

    Renault twingo head gasket

    Hi guys my twingo gt has a orange look to the oil cap? I heard this could mean head gas. but I also know could just be a tiny water leak or because it does short Jeormeys a lot so doesn't heat up a lot? I don't k ow a lot about cars so please help should I just get if looked at properly? Does...
  6. glenn_adam_doble

    Lad washing a White twingo 133 Brantwood Chester le street

    Looked brilliant mate, I was in the van that asked you for directions
  7. W

    twingo rs steering wheel

    Has anyone ever fitted a rs twingo steering wheel to a 172/182 ? is it straight forward or does it need modding ?
  8. W

    twingo steering wheel, clio 200 airbag, on 172 ?

    Will the above fit a ph2 172 ? I have the chance to buy a steering wheel from a rs twingo but the airhag has gone off, but i also have an airbag for a clio rs 200, will this go on ? And then go on a 172 ?
  9. Sam

    200, 225 and Twingo - Teesside Park

    Spotted just a few minutes ago. Megane had a private reg like N11 BCP. Then there was a blue 200 and a blue Twingo with stripe down the middle. They where all driving in a line towards the cinema side. Anyone off here?? Sam.
  10. Martin_172

    Twingo's Replacement....... Martin_172 is Martin_172 again!!!

    needs some work and an MOT but its straight, good nick, 99k miles, full history and belts done last month by a specialist :)
  11. JMR

    Footrest fitted - Twingo & Clio

    Made a few different footrests for the Twingo and the Clio. Saves the carpet getting worn where the cars dont usually have a standard footrest next to the clutch. Twingo one: Clio one: (197 / 200) Pics courtesy of inwardnoise on here and And a couple of spares I did for a couple...
  12. B

    M32 / Just off M4 BG182 & TWINGO GT

    I was the MB 172 cup you were both absolutely resolute on racing. Started out on the inside lane of the M32 junction off the M4. You decided that undertaking 4 lanes if traffic to the outside lane was a fantastic idea. You spent your, albeit brief , period on the M32 weaving through very...
  13. Jamie16v

    Blue 197 and Twingo 133 - Birkbrow/Slapewath

    Spotted yesterday behind me as I was driving to Whitby. Both looked nice!
  14. D

    Clio / Twingo Boss Kit Still not sure what this is actually for but someone might know / take a punt on it as I did.
  15. D

    Twingo with a difference

    Anyone seen this? Sounds pretty good! Not sure on the colours though
  16. cliosport197iow

    Cleaned Clio and Twingo

    Any comments welcome I bet it rains now :(
  17. roystinho

    Albi 197 parked next to a Red Twingo RS

    **07 ZDO in Havant retail park
  18. V

    Me Twingo 133

    Gave the little terrior a clean up today. I intend on doing a more deep cleanse in the spring. For now, waterless wash ftw. The car has had no iron x, no clay. Dj waterless wash Micro prime SN Spritz The wax choice, my own! I've been toying with the idea of home brew wax. So, thought I'd have...
  19. P

    short shifter for twingo rs

    i got a twingo rs and i want to get a short shifter for it . The original shifter is horrible. i search the ebay and local shops and no one got it. Any ideas???
  20. HoleInOne

    Twingo seats in a 172?

    Anybody know if the Renault Sport Twingo seats fit in a 172(cup)? I think it's the rears that may not fit by looking at them?
  21. ColinG

    2009 (09) Twingo 133 low miles
  22. T

    RB 182 CUP + Twingo 133

    I have been on here for some time now and not really posted any pictures up. Not anything special but I brought the car a few years back from a member on here. Only a few mods from me but there could possibly be more from previous owners, this has never been confirmed though. Recaro’s Ebach...
  23. Martin_172

    photoshop request for my twingo!

    can someone royal mail it for me?! im clueless so if you need another picture of it at another angle or anything let me know! Uploaded with Uploaded with
  24. Martin_172

    Martin_172's Twingo GT TCE

    After all the hastle i had with the Clio 200 and me also wanting to get out of the car finance loop so i can start saving for a house deposit it was time to get rid of the Clio. As i still had outstanding finance on the Clio the easiest option was to find a car in a dealership and trade the 200...
  25. Martin_172

    removing side decals - Renault Twingo

    Hi guys, wondering if you had any advice for removing the side chequred flag decals from a Twingo GT, they are all faded and need replaced, bit worried with the car being red too, any suggestions? just the usual hair dryer and machine polish afterwords? any recomeded polish or with AG SRP be fine?
  26. 1812lsd

    17" Twingo Rs Cup (renaultsport) wheels
  27. T

    clio 2 rs brake discs same as twingo rs?

    Just after a definitive answer as im sure they are the same but twingo rs has different calipers off a laguna as far as im aware. Ktec have them in stock but noticed they cost a lot more than anywhere eose BUT no one has brembo in stock ;)
  28. T

    Hello there Rs Twingo owner from southend

    Hi there im Joe 28 southend, essex with a capsi red Twingo 133 Previously had a saxo vts 140bhp bilsteins etc if ever clio owners needed to know the benefit of losing 100kg they should drive one of these. Signed up on here as i hear Twingo is very similar to the Clio 2 rs Not sure on a...
  29. matt|H

    Renaultsport Twingo 133 Cup on eBay
  30. D

    Twingo RS, £5650

    Apart from the apparent BS comment about having 150bhp, and provided this is true and straight, this isnt a bad buy. Just f**king horrendous depreciation.