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  1. J

    Does the Clio mk3 tce share the same gearbox with the Twingo GT?

    I’m putting my clio tce through its paces pretty soon. Pushing for power with new turbo, injectors etc. I know I’m going to be needing a new, uprated clutch to deal with the new ‘neck breaking’ power. I have only been able to find a clutch for the Twingo GT and knowing they have the same engines...
  2. Z

    Zarko's 172'd Twingo

    There she is. The car that looks like Stewie of family guy. As an Impulsive character I have a tendency to buy junk.. Little did I know that this little shoe-box is going to stay in my life for so long ! Started out with an eBay ad (as they all do) with the intention of swapping the Auto box...
  3. aucky

    Twingo detail - CarPro

    I've just finished my first detail in quite some time! @sabian92 contacted me and asked for something durable that I could apply without needing the car overnight. We talked about CQUK but I didn't want the car to leave without at least staying overnight, especially with extra long cure times in...
  4. JonnyGee

    twingo 133 cup packed

    This is my mrs car and has decided she prefers a soft top so this is being sold immaculate car and very very well cared for. open to offers part ex ect cars bikes vans
  5. M

    Nordschleife Sub 8 Minute Twingo

    Look's darn quick. Clear lap also.
  6. Welsh.Dan

    LY 197/200 in Coleford. Blue RS twingo with white wheels

    Assume the household is a fan of rs Renaults! Working nearby and see the cars. Both look nice. Looks like a gordini twingo.
  7. Sullii94

    Twingo brake setup

    Looking at changing my front discs & pads over soon, whats a decent setup to use? Will be mostly road driving with the occasional track day. Been looking at: Pads...
  8. Luke001

    Twingo RS133 - Turini Plastidip Bodge-up

    The Turinis on the Twingo were absolutely hanging and in desperate need of a full refurb, but on the cusp of completing a house purchase means no funds at the moment. I found some old cans of Car-dip (same as Plastidip) I had forgotten about in the garage, so I cleaned off any loose paint and...
  9. J

    Twingo Dash/Heater Controls Removal

    Hey folks! I now have a twingo, and I'm sure some of you could help me! (I hope I'm in the right place too) I need to replace a bulb behind the heater controls, and also run my USB cables from the back of my HU to the glovebox. In the Clio it was a piece of cake, but with the lack of a Haynes...
  10. C

    Twingo 133 or 182

    Touring about Scotland on Sunday viewing 182's. Couple of Twingo 133's for sale too. Anyone got any exexperience or opinions on them? I've owned a 182Cup a few fears ago so know what to expect on that front. Never forget that wee thing firing up in minus 17deg temps a few winters ago :)...
  11. F

    Twingo 133 Cup.

    This is a mate of mine's, brilliant little car and has wanted for nothing.
  12. chaski

    Technical manuals/PDF's - Clio3/Meg3/Kangoo2/Twingo

    Not sure where to post this so hopefully mods will move it to wherever is appropriate, but thought some of you guys might find it useful.. Was searching for some information for someone else earlier and stumbled upon this site, which hasn't locked up access all its directories. There's some...
  13. K

    Twingo 133 throttle body the same as Clio 1*2?

    Hiyas Part number for Clio 1*2 throttle body is 8200110998 or 8200110994, which is also the part number for the Twingo 133 throttle body. From pics they look identical. I am right in thinking they are the same part yeah? Just wanting to confirm before I go ahead and order one that is listed...
  14. D

    MK3 Clio & Twingo suspension similar?

    This is probably a pretty stupid question but is the Clio and Twingo suspension similar or the same? Cant find Coilovers in my budget for my clio but seen these on the FK website, reduced to just 140 euros!! Any way it could be fitted to my clio...
  15. M90SR

    Twingo engine in a mk2 1.2?

    anyone ever tried or thought of fitting a twingo engine into there mk2 dynamique? Thinking as the engine + parts are pretty cheap and the mechanic work on my end will be free but wondering if its worth it?
  16. J

    New Twingo...

    Couple in at work today, interesting the size of it in comparison to a Juke and Note!
  17. I

    Inferno 182 cup & Twingo 133 cup @ Beach

  18. mr2haz

    A12 Romford Blue 182 and red RS Twingo

    Spotted about midnight, I was in the Skoda.
  19. E

    opinions on my twingo rs rolling road print out

    This was done over at tuning developments in warrington. I was the only rs twingo there at the time. The other twingo gt's, clios and astra vxr all made pretty much the correct figures all round. Mine was under by about 6-7hp seeing as the book figure is around 131bhp. Renault replaced the...
  20. D

    2008 Twingo RS
  21. L

    Twingo GT

    Just some pictures and progress for my Twingo GT When I first collected the car, just after it had been serviced and gave a shoddy clean by the garage The wheels it had on it It's first detail Winter wheel swap To Summer wheel swap and serious detail Thanks for viewing
  22. T

    Twingo 133 205/40/17 Tyre advice.

    Hi im looking into replacing my tyres on my twingo and looking your advice on the best make and model of tyre to go for.Obviously looking for the best grip but also them not to wear really quick as the cars used for only daily driver and the odd weekend country road blast.Any advice would be a...
  23. A

    Twingo 133 seatbelts

    Had a nosey around a Twingo 133 yesterday and noticed it was equipped with some red/orange seatbelts; the interior on my Cup is a bit dull and thought that maybe adding these would improve the interior a little. Would this be a straight forward process or are the seatbelts fitted in the Twingo...
  24. Loasby

    Twingo gear knob

    I have a Twingo Sport and I was wondering if somebody could tell me if I could fit one of those bubble gear knobs to my gear stick? Any help would be appreciated because I have no clue, I don't even know how to take off the original gear knob. Cheers!
  25. Renault Wolverhampton

    twingo pearl black advice?

    right here goes. at the weekend my mate (with me watching :)) cleaned our beloved twingo.however he told me to get tar remover (tardis?) some g101? and iron x as the paintwork has quite alot of tar deposits and fallout etc etc etc.we (well he) managed to machine polish the bootlid and and the...
  26. Luke001

    A shot of our RS Twingo *Nordschleife content*

    A snap of the GF's Twingo from, during a TF session last Sunday. First time I have done any laps in anything other than my 182, was a lot of fun.:race:
  27. T

    Renaultsport Twingo 133 2008

    Posting this up for a friend who has a lovely silver Twingo 133 for sale, please follow this link: Just had a full service with the timing belt/water pumped done and a full alloy refurb. £5150 Thanks Sam
  28. Oscar88

    twingo gt brake upgrade to 172 / 182 brakes ?

    hey guys needing some help, does anyone know if the caliper carriers are standard over the renault range and if so will discs and calipers etc be an easy swap over??? or will i have to convert the entire hubs (if possible?) thanks in advance guys. i'll probably get the parts off here as always...
  29. Martin_172

    My new Twingo TCE Gordini

    this will be controversial!! mate offered me good cash on my 172 and this popped up local, just over 2yrs old with 23k miles, balance of warranty left, immaculate Plans are RS Tuning stage 2 with 172 injectors (around 140bhp 150lb/ft), Coilovers and my 40mm Spacers. sitting on the fence...
  30. B

    renault twingo gordinni wheels : for clio gt

    i am looking for some twingo wheels for my GT or any recomendations would be great Thanks