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Continental cs3 performance


ClioSport Admin
Bit of an odd one.

I've been falling out with the cs3s fitted to the 197 recently.

It started on a spirited country drive last year when the rear got a bit squiggly on perfectly dry roads. Normally it's always properly planted with cs3s all round.

Then at oulton I could not get traction around the chicanes in the wet and I started struggling on the same chicanes in the afternoon in the dry.

Now I went out around wales on the weekend with the same tyres in the pissing rain and the car was epic. I didn't die once.

The only thing I can think of are tyre pressures. I haven't blown them up in god knows how long. They aren't flat mind.

I normally run 35psi all round as the car was a daily and was mainly used on motorways. Was the poor handling due to too high pressure once the tyres had heat in them?

And what are recommended hot and cold pressures for 215/45/17s in your experience?


ClioSport Club Member
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Not be the fact the track is a track so to speak. I've used great tyres on the road and pants on a track day


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
The chicanes at Oulton are always slippy in the wet.

Mainly the Knickerbrook one though.