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  1. F

    Lowering and wheels

    So I've got a 2003 1.5dci, I want to put 15 inch rims on and Lower it. Whats the biggest rim/tyre size I can run and the lowest I should go? I've seen 40mm seems to be best but idk what wheel size they are. Thank in advance :)
  2. Advikaz

    Evo Corse X3MA 15's - Anyone fitted?

    I think these rims look great and potentially a contender instead of 2118's. Anyone fitted these and got any pics? If anyone happens to have an RB with these in white as well.. I'd love to see some pics or a photoshop jobby...
  3. F

    Wheel lug nuts specs OZ F1 CUP 16

    Hi, So I got some new set of shoes for the car, and went ahead with some 16” OZ F1 CUP ET37 The thing is the guy I bought them from forgot one lug nut I cannot for the life of me find the specs for them, anyone of you got the same wheels and know them and where to buy them from ? I kinda know...
  4. twill92

    Clio wheel help?!?!

    I got a set of seat arosa wheels dirt cheap, they’ve got loads of tread and hold air (the current wheels on my Clio suffer from both of these). They’re 4x100 but don’t seem to fit at all, is this the case? Or do I need new bolts to fit these wheels?
  5. J

    What alloy wheels and tyres will fit a Renault Clio MKIII 2006 5 Door Hatchback?

    Hey, I am new to cars and how to modify them so will need some help from you guys. As the title suggests, I am looking to upgrade the wheels; specifically the tyres and rims on my car, however, I am not sure what I should be looking for and where? Are there any good websites that sell wheels...
  6. N

    Backspacing on a Clio?

    Hi guys... Another wheel question!!! Does anyone know how much backspace there is on the wheel on a Clio GT Gordini 128? I don't really want to remove the wheel to find out. Currently, I am running stock wheels of an ET50 but wanted to know how much lower I could go? Many thanks, Kieran
  7. ClioDude55

    Clio mk2 lowering wheels

    Hello, Im gonna lower my clio mk2 and was thinking about 15 inch wheels. Anyone have pictures of how it looks? Or any other inch wheel if it would fit better :)
  8. Rystar

    Seeking Guidance - Steering Rack won't line back up, any tips?

    Hi All, I'm in the middle of replacing my subframe as I managed to bend the original one going over a curb in the snow. I've used the opportunity to upgrade all the front bushings to powerflex black and fit a new starter motor, fit s 182 manifold and link pipe. Now I've got the old subframe...
  9. S

    MK2 clio 1.2 wheel spacer advice needed.

    Hi, just looking for some advice on wheel spacers. I'm running the standard 15" 185/55R wheels and tyres. Anyone who what size I should get to fill the huge gap between my wheel arch and tyre. Also running PI 60mm lowering springs so will my tyres rub the arches after spacing?
  10. edwarj123

    Reasonably priced track tyres

    Hi, I have 2 sets of wheels, I was going to keep 1 set for the road and the other just for track use (only a few times a year). What sort of 15" tyres should I be looking at for the track that are reasonably priced? Thanks
  11. Carlos_2017

    OZ F1 16” (non Renault)

    Hi guys! Does anyone happen to know the centre bore of these wheels?! I know the centre bore for the 172 is 60.1mm, just need the size of the OZ so I can order spigots. Cheers in advance, Carlos!
  12. P

    need new tyres any recommendations

    I need of some new front tyres ones that are on now are usless ... Any recommendations .. no cheap tat premium tyres
  13. MrBlonde

    What are these wheels?

    What wheels are these,the ones on the front?.i can see there OZ.
  14. MrBlonde

    What wheels are these?

    Ive seen these fitted to a twingo,what steel wheels are they?.are they from the a phase1 clio??
  15. H

    What colour? OEM Clio 182 Wheels

    Afternoon fellas, gonna be getting my wheels refurbed as a little birthday present to myself, just wondering if you guys reckon I should stick to the oem colours or maybe be a bit different? I'm really tempted give her white shoes... or maybe black on black? Seen white on a few others and...
  16. G

    Suspension problem

    I have 1.2 16v clio and i noticed that my car is not standing straight it was leaning on drivers side, so mechanic told me that my front spring broke and ive ordered new one he changed it and said u should replace the 2nd one too so i bought another one and replaced it but they are higher and...
  17. M

    Compomotive MO5 Colour on a 182 BG

    Hi guys, I am looking on refurbishing my alloys and will like to pick a colour for these. Firstly a pic of the car as it stands now: I got the car with the wheels painted as they are now and I think it is anthracite of some kind. The problem for me is that they are too blueish for my liking...
  18. M90SR

    Cleaning out old Renault part shop and found these.... (classic wheels)

    So my mates dad owns a renault shop and is clearing stock. He's had it for 40+ years now Found these today although they are singles not in a full set. Anyone know the names? I forgot to check the boxes but I love the turbine style one and the polished one. They maybe for sale if anyones...
  19. R

    2 Titanium Silver 182 FFs ; Warwick and University of Warwick (Coventry)

    It seems today I spotted a couple of 182 FFs. The first one was a car with the Reg Y*05UHH. It had an aftermarket stainless exhaust was possibly lowered, he was attempting to have a play but there was no way I was going to rev the car up with the temp gauge still on the bottom! It had a Clio...
  20. B

    MK3 Clio - Canasta Wheels

    Anyone know the best place to get standard Clio Canasta wheels? Putting my car back to standard but can't find any on eBay, gumtree etc.