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0-60 time of 172


I would say depending on what kind of car you have, ie good or bad;), and depending what you are like at launching it, I would expect something between 6.6and 7.2!

the Mk2 official time is 7.2/7.1 for 0-62 therefore you would assume about 6.8 to 60, the Mk 1 was 6.6 to 60 , not 62! The cup is 6.9 to 62 officially, but all notable motoring mags (EvO)have proved that inaccurate with 0-62 in 6.5 which most cup owners will back me up on and agree with!

Quote: Originally posted by CUPSIZE? on 09 April 2003

the Mk2 official time is 7.2/7.1 for 0-62 therefore you would assume about 6.8 to 60, the Mk 1 was 6.6 to 60 , not 62! The cup is 6.9 to 62 officially, but all notable motoring mags (EvO)have proved that inaccurate with 0-62 in 6.5 which most cup owners will back me up on and agree with!
id agree!!:D


  Audi TT Stronic

I have done 0-60 in 6.7 with 2 people in the car and half tank of fuel..

i have tested the theory cupsize-went in a clio cup tod and we got 6.2 wid half a tank of fuel and 2 people-its sh*t ur pants quick. lucky b******s who own cups

it was with a renault salesman. he changed up wen the light told him 2 and he had driven it a lot so knew how 2 handle it.he was saying that the top speed figures are also lower cos of insurance purposes
  320d M Sport

fair enough i can believe the top speed (although insurance isnt even arsed about that-its desireability they look at), but im sure im not the only one whos smelling bullsh*t! that car would be able to pull high 5s to 60 if that were the case!

the salesman reconed 1 sec quick to 60 than the book quotes. its a serious piece of kit and wen i got in it was a bit worried, soon went.

firstly two people makes it as heavy again as a mk2 or there abouts with the fuel its the same

secondly if you drive a 1.2 then anything will feel fast

wheres that vid of the Cup not moving an inch from a mk2 std vs an impreza?

cups are quick but whats all this cups rape 172s bollox

Re: that video - it was actually the 172 that faired better against the Impreza than the Cup! Video was 2 parts - first car was the Cup, 2nd was the blue 172 and if my eyes dont deceive me (got the video here), Id say the Impreza pulled a better distance from the Cup.

Not that Im saying a 172 is quicker than a Cup!! - god forbit, Id be sacrificed!! However it shows that there is nothing between them really. I refuse to believe anyone who says that the Cup is massively faster. Yeah, it might be lighter, and therefore pokier (not to mention the better handling before Im corrected), but as 172man says "whats all this cups rape 172s bollox" - it makes you sound ridiculous to even insinuate that there is anything more than a slight difference. Its the same car with the same engine and a little bit of weight loss!!

weight loss, more torque, slightly altered chasis. i did also say it FEELS as tho there is a big diff-in reality it mite not b so much. but a 172 can get to 60 in bout 7 mayb less, and the cup i sed is bout 6-so there isnt as much diff as it feels

I was under the impression that you would take of half a second from the maufacturers figures due to the fact that they use 2 people in the car and half a tank of fuel.

I could be wrong though but the car always feels quicker personally than that published stats.

It does embarass a few higher priced cars such as the 3.5 5 series bmw, 330 ci and the lowley 1.9 gti now !

want it in digestable terms? i sed the cup is faster than the 172, but it feels as tho it is faster than it actually is cos i think of the torque at lower revs. also it has the light to show u wen to change up which the 172 doesnt have-by following that u can get the better times and faster acceleration

Perhaps it feels faster because there is less sound insulation. The cup isnt massively faster and would not completely open a can of whoop ass on a normal 172. Virtually the same car and same engine. Ok, Cup owners out there may well say I would say that cos I have a 172 and its a case of sour grapes. Not at all. Examples of whoop ass would be M3 on a Cup, or an EV06 and a Cup, a Porsche 996 C4S and a Cup. You may argue well they should whip Cup ass as theyre 3 or 4 times more expensive, but thats not what were talking about. Cup is only very marginally quicker than a standard 172 and there is nothing you can do to change that unless you start going down the modding route in which case some 172 are "faster" Cups and visa versa. At the end of the day, this just go round in circles and goes no where. Just enjoy your Clios!;)

Where do you get the "more torque" crap from??

Its the SAME engine. I have both brochures here from when I was looking at them both (yes, I could have got a Cup but chose not to, so theres no jealousy involved) and they show the same power and torque produced at exactly the same point. 172 @ 6250 and 200nm @ 5400rpm. You are showing your lack of knowledge by even making that comment.

While Im in the brochure, Renault say Cup 0-62 in 6.9 and 172 0-62 in 7.2, so shave a couple of points off for the 62 part.

ohh god when you learn to spell come back with some real info, i find it hard to understand you at all. torquing bollox :D

IF YOU DONT STOP TURNING EVERY THREAD INTO A sl*gGING MATCH I WILL DELETE THEM EVERY TIME - this forum is for everyone to have an opinion, but not to just sl*g off what somebody else thinks - just stop for a minute and consider this:-

if you want people to listen to your opinion, be prepared to listen to the opinions of others. if you dont want to listen to the opinions of others then why should you expect anybody to want to listen to yours.
  320d M Sport

hmm, thikn this needs to be settled at York, only way methinks! although im sh*tting it at the thought of a standard Cup doing 0-60 in 5.9, evo owners better beware.........

HORSE sh*t.

there! thats my last word on this.

nehh nehh nee nee nehh!!

OK, being one of the privileged few, I can make a direct comparison between the Cup and the 172. Now I was sceptical before my brother got his Cup, but now having seen and felt the difference, I stand corrected.

I will only comment on straight line speed here. We have lined up against each other a couple of times now and I have to say that it is markedly quicker. Something else that confirmed this was at the weekend when we met up with the_gza. Picture the seen 50 mph behind a TDI Audi, long motorway infront, 3rd third and fourth it looked like he was reeling me in, I couldnt do anything about it! The Cup also feels much faster, it picks up a lot better from low down than the 172.

The moral of the story....I cant let my brother have a faster car than me, something must be done!;)