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02 172 running problem, driving me mad.

Hi Guys,
Got a strange one with my car, been trying a fair few things to fix it but so far no good.
It often fails to start, and when it does start it can sometimes been like its given up, and the revs are flat low down, i have to press the pedal to keep it from cutting out. I have noticed it can also be worse if I have alot of eletrics on (xeons mainly), another thing, on the attempts to start the car and it fails, I notice it also didnt start my cd/radio jobbie (its like the car didnt have enough poer from the battery to start the radio or other eletrics it needs to start).

Its a faily new battery too, and some days starts fine. Anyone got any pointers? think it could be wiring/earthing? if so where would you start?



ClioSport Club Member
  Jaguar XFR
i occ. get this, when you say check it? what am i lookin for
  clio sport 182
as in check it for either an split or tightness,either way you look at its it will be crating an open circuit i think is wat joshydee is saying