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05'reg 182 and Williams 2 owner

  182, Williams

My name is Alex, I live in Essex and I run my own Renault Specialist Garage. After working as a Renault Specialist Technician in a Main Dealer for 12 years I decided to start up my own business in Hawkwell.

I own a 182 and a Williams 2, the 182 is a daily drive with my business details on the rear screen and unfortunately the Williams is off the road atm, as I am doing some work on it in my spare time.

here are some pictures!

The 182



A bit of photoshop magic!

The Williams


Im sure i have more of the Williams somewhere but thats the only one for now!
  PH1 iceburg
Welcome along.

What is the name of your company?

Love the williams, are those the prima racing whels on it?
Hello I'm from Essex and I had a willy and 182 at the same time :)
Where is your garage? I'm I'n need of a service lol
  182, Williams
Hi chaps,
The garage at home is cool, It was the reason we brought the house. (dont tell the wife that lol). Used to do all my private work from it but now i work for myself.
The garage is in hockley near southend im a specialist in renault and peugeot but i can cater for all makes cars and light comercial.

feel free to ask any technical questions and ill be happy to help.
cheers for the welcome,
Oh and the willy is running a forged high compression rebuild, cat cams, verniers etc, 190bhp. Makes the 182 feel very tame! They are prima racing wheels. Ill dig out some rebuild pics and get them posted. cheers again
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