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1.4 S

Well thats the car Ive had for the last 2 weeks, been hearing bits and bobs, as far as i can see its a spiced up RT

Rsi Alloys

Close to Williams Blue

Sport badges

16v interior

Although apparently it has close to Rsi gear ratios so is a bit faster?

And well Hi yall my memberships in the post :D
  Not a Clio

didnt think they had 16v interior.. you sure?

Rsi is a 1.8 8v so no your 1.4S wont be faster unless theres something youre not telling us...

  R5 Gordini Turbo

The 1.4S was a spiced up RT, it hasd white steel wheels and a slightly different interior, but other than that it was no different
  Mr2 Roadster

If its a phase 3, its identicle to a RSi... Other than the engine stuff. HAs the same interior and whells for sure...

From 20 yards its hard to tell the difference between the S and the RSi (phase 3 models).

I didnt mean quicker than an Rsi! I meant than a normal RT, yeah its a phase 3, its got semi buckets, guessing they are from an Rsi then..

The bucket seats are the same as the RSi and the same as the (993) valver 1993 coz i had them. Also the S does share the gearbox with the RSi so 0-60 is slightly quicker than an RT but marginal. good to see you on here breakout

I had an RT and now have the Maxim 1.4S and I think its better than the RT. Still could do with a few bits to make it faster tho :D

Hill Power Induction Kit, Powerflow twin exit box with decat, lowered 55/70 mm on 15s, ibiza splitter, dtm mirrors, single wiper, 106 gti aerial, focus led indicators, plus some alloy interior bits - pedals, gear knob, door pins etc :)

Looks sweet mate. Mines the same colour but totally standard at the moment. Did the IK & zorst make much difference to your performance?

Alrite scribber or should i say scribbler?

Yeah Im here now, memberships in the post n all

My insurance is cheap at the moment so modding might wait a year except ICE, althought it comes with a top of the range tape player :D

However if I get the money looking at, Hill Power induction and Supersprint exhaust and centre pipe, should lots of money come along add a HP chip and SS manifold.


!! Ive been wondering if the ibiza GTi splitter would fit a phase 3, where from how much?

Maybe smooth the sides, maybe alloys..Gold ones maybe:cool:


Its all good to me.

It depends on which dealer you go to as they are all different. I have used 2

West Brom - Cheap

Nottingham - Fantastic service and the quality of the job is top notch

Would definitely use Big City Tyres (notts) again