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100+ Clios Now booked in

How will we all be parking? Just everyone in lines, or like, all the 172s together and sorted by colour, all the R27s together by colour, all the 182s together by colour etc etc - Cos I reckon that would look dead cool hehe :) Although might be a nightmare to sort :D
There will be some sort of order/arrangement this year, not just park where ever.
  Mk1 Maxim Sport
Last year it was just as you arrive, park next to the one before you. It would be far to much of a hold up to the rest of the queue to organise some special formation!
Yeh there would be a pretty big que but if they just had simple signs and somone directing you to the area where ur model is it wouldnt be so bad.
  ph2 172 ff
im thinking of booking in to the stand i have never done anthing like this before i.e. car on stand but think it would be cool if i select cliosport when buying my tickets is that all id have to do ??
  ITB BG 182
we having a bbq this year then? ill chip in aswell as the food was good from our club but from the show it was well... s**t..!
  ph2 172 ff
left it to the last minute ive just got my ticket off line selected cliosport from the clubs so ill be seeing you all there! what time are people getting there for???oh and where you buy it mentions options i selected cliosport from the top box but left the one below balnk is this right???
What time is best to get there for? As dont want to be super early. Whats the latest i can get there for my car to be with the club??
  Trophy 182
Im hoping to pick up my trophy on the saturday before this. If all goes well I will get to the show in my trophy
  ph2 172 ff
ive got my wristband through today,,,,,,and a big r for renault that mentions display in window is that all i need to be on the stand?
thats it mate

R gets you through the renault entry gate (the main gate for you guys) follow the map.

Green wristband is your ticket.

CS are pretty close to where they were last year but much less clubs in their.



  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Im hoping to pick up my trophy on the saturday before this. If all goes well I will get to the show in my trophy
Ill be there with Dave, if he has not picked up his Trophy we will both be in my Cup, if he has his new car we will both be in our own cars :)