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13k buy now or 20k buy in 1 year ..what would u do

Hi Guys/Gals,

I am going to buy a new car, i figured buy a 2nd hand mk1 172 save a sh*t load of money be happy ..... then the little devil on my right shoulder says... u dont want to do that ..wait 12 months buy a S3,subaru,focus RS,Audi TT 225,boxster etc...

no matter how many times i think i have made my mind up i end up in the same position !!! any help would be much appreciated ...


By a an old car, i.e Ive just bought an old Civic 1.6 130 BHP, for around £500. Run it for a year, bobs yer uncle, you saved a wedge and you can afford to buy a one of the preffered cars you mentioned!

Oops, just noticed you have a VTR.....Id still prefer the Civic TBH!
  Williams 2, STi N12

Well if you can only afford a second hand 172, then for the same price you are looking at other cars that will be ragged to an inch of their life. Go with your first instinct..always.

anders i dont understand your last comment ???

I choose to buy a 2nd hand mk1 172 with say 20k on it .. that way the previous owner had probably taken advantage of the warrenty and got all the niggly problems fixed ! i also prefer the look of the mk1 ... if you are enclining that the car will be thrased ... i disagree ..imo these cars are supposed to use all the rev range ie thats why most of the power kicks in 5000rpm or thereabouts and goes on to 7000 odd ..if anything i will be getting the car at sweeter time that when first bought ...


Go and by a New 172 from motorpoint for about 10K, sell it after a year for almost for what you have paid for it ! Then buy a FAST car !


i have a mk1 172 sat on the drive with your name on it, check the for sale section of the forum.



Thing is, it depends on how much you can afford to run a car. Mine might have cost shy of £5k, but has cost me on average £300 a month to keep on the road. Can you afford the costs of an exotic car?

Id be tempted to buy THE nicest Williams 3 I could find and just run it without ever worrying about costs. Or Id modify a 16v so much...hmmm...Maxi wide-arch kit, 2.0 turbo conversion, custom leather...mmmmm....

You could get yourself a really, really special car for even the £13k!