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1600 sport rally car

AS the RAC is due to start this friday, The 1600 rally car is taking part.

My best mate works for Renault Swansea and the team have been using there Facitlies for the last 3 days to prepare the car. I have about 10 pics

which he has taken for me, also asked him to rip things off for me, but he couldnt(shame )

Ill upoload em later today for all to see


I take not veryone can see the pics, they show up fine on my PC

Whats wrong then, is it there computers
  Williams 2, STi N12

The idea is to bring the car ready to race not to strip the whole thing down whilst your there??

Not bad though. Cheers M8

Apparently, they did a full engine rebuild, and had a special truck unit

which they did it in. Completely clean room. The rest of the car was worked on in the main garage. The dampers also had sensors on them to monitor rebounds etc.

Great pics. I can certainally see them here. Whilst on the subject of renault rallying does anyone know if it is possible to buy renault sport clothing ?

you couldt get him to take a pic of right inside the ports could you!!!

i wanna see what sort of shaped they ended up with.

oh, i hate the colour scheme though!! ergh

Quality pics I must have my Cup in that spec soon!

Nice colour scheme, I like it, cant wait to see them on Sunday as long as they have made it that far!