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16v Brakes....

  Renault Clio 172
Just looking for some help really....

I have some standard 16v brakes that i'm looking to sell but I just wondered if anyone knows what sort of price I should ask for them.

I don't know how many miles they have done (but can take pics if that will help?) as they came with my car as I think I have some red dot brakes fitted? which replaced the standard ones.

Anyone know what should be included? (I know that there's the brake discs and pads in the box)

What sort of price should I ask for them?

The above probably sounds really blonde but I really have no idea and don't see the point in throwing things away if they may be of use to others :approve:
What bits do you have calipers? caliper brackets?
Disk lines

Your not looking at much money but if there good condition sa 60 for calipers and brackets ie the bit which attaches the caliper to the hub.
calipers and carriers and pads go for about 40quid for the pair
discs usually go for around 30 + depending on what they are etc
  Renault Clio 172
I've bought a 16v and the 16v has had red dot brakes and green stuff? pads fitted and these just came with the carso I thought they may be of use to someone as I don't have the room to store bits that I might use one day lol

Blonde moment - if i post pics could someone tell me whats what?

Feel so stupid but I have no idea lol


ClioSport Club Member
wilky1107 said:
why u selling 16v discs? Awesome brakes, discs all round u can stop on a ants eyelash

your opinion of std 16v and williams brakes differs from mine!