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16v for ever......


After deciding to buy another car in late 2003 (not sure what yet though), i have thought seriously hard about actually parting with my 16v. After considerable thought ive decided im gonna keep my 16v for years to come. The investment i have put into the car over the 4 years unfortunantly i will probably never see again if i sell up. Loosing all that money through keeping the car A1 condition doesnt appeal! Once i have the new car, the valver is going away in the garage for sundays only. Once ive stopped using it i may even think about some serious engine tuning such as a turbo. :D This also means whatever new car i get ill still be in the club!

Anyone else feel they loose loadsa money on valvers/williams?


yes mate

ive often thought about parting with my vavler and get something else but like you ive thought long and hard and decided to keep it. im actually saving for the turbo conversion and im actually gonna do everything i ever wanted with my valver and go from there, my next car will prob not be modded as much but it wont need too, perfect out of the box!!!!!


Sorry to sound like a broken record but im in exactly the same position as you guys!! :D

No way itd be worth selling once im ready to move on! But hopefully by that time ill be minted enough to afford a proper nice second car, allowing to keep my beloved valver!!

I doubt Ill ever sell my 16v either. You can never say never, but its pretty damn unlikely this side of a thermonuclear war followed by famine, during which time Id almost starve before selling "Holly"!;)

Its not just the money, but the fact that Ive spent almost all my free time on this machine in the last year or so. Sad, I know - and sadder still that I give this machine a name, swear it has emotions and generally treat it like a fine woman!:oops:

Id still be tempted if someone turned up on my doorstep with a mint Williams and cash, but thats less likely than the thermonuclear war scenario!

Ive still yet to meet a 16v driver that seems like a right nonce, and most wave or flash their lights back at me. Im sure the same couldnt be said of certain other cars.

Its to do with the fact that to own a 16v/Willy you have to be dedicated either in terms of time or money - or both. That, sadly, is the hallmark of "enthusiaist" cars like the Lancia Delta HF Integrale (ooohh, now thats another Id like...slapped wrist).

Spent far too much time and money on mine too. And its in such good condition! But i am thinkin of selling it! Only if i can get what its worth tho, not gonna be giving my baby away.

G13NN X: becuase the reg finishes with HOL. My last Clio, which was lowered a LOT, had its reg finish with LOW!!

16vs still make the money - the book price for the 16v is in most cases well under what theyll fetch on the garage forecourt or in private sales. Ive very rarely seen a good Phase 2 go for less than £3.5k. There are, sadly, a few but noticeable early Valvers out there in pretty poo condition though.