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17, want a 1.4 RT. insurance companys?

  MK2 PH2 & E46 330
im thinking of buying a 1.4 RT witha few mods. alloys lowered etc.

which is the best company to go for in my case you think?

ive been a named driver since february on a 1.2 prima.

I tried with my hotmail adress but they never sent me anything back... and iv checked the junk mail box too.

Any help is awesome thanks guys.
youve got try quinn diredt m8!! im 17 with a 1.4 rt, alloys, lowered, for £1080!!! bargain compared to most other companies!!its so cheap cos they dont care about mods unless they change the speed of the vechicle:D :D

  MK2 PH2 & E46 330
i got 1395 with quinn. not too bad. its annoying cause its not been a year yet me driving as a named driver. so i dont get a discount yet.