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17 wheels - Opinions on a 172 please

Im seriously thinking about changing my 16" Speedline Turinis on the 172CUP for a 17" set in White.

Anyone got 17s on their 172 and what are the opinions? How do they affect handling???

Also what is the offset??? Do you think the offset is the same for the 172 as the 172CUP.



I thought they had pulled to offset out a bit more on the cup to widen the track that bit more ..... the standard 172 offset is 48, so the cup will be in the 50s I guess.

Yup, std offset on the Mk2 172 is 48.5mm. The Cup brochure states that the track is wider front and rear (10mm and 20mm I think?) so youll need 17s with the correct offset for your own Cup. Check your existing alloys - the offset should be stamped either on the edge or in the centre. Id be curious to know what they are!
  Lionel Richie

Other way round isnt it Roamer???? My std 15s are 48 and are so far into the car you cant see them!!! MY 17s are 37 and stick out nicely!!! Those Phase 1 16v rims i had on are 36 (i think) and stick out nicely too!! Does that mean that the fronts on a cup are 38.5 and the rear 28.5???????