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172’s delisted from Rep. Ireland Sales List

While I was in with renault this morning, discussing my clutch and driving style, I was enquiring about the price of the Clio Cup (jsut out of interest). Anyhow the sales rep, told me that you can no longer get a 172 from renault Ireland. They have been removed from the sales list due to lack of market interest. Apparently, you cant even go special order.
  Clio 197

I cringe every time I think of the Irish importers of any car. They de-content them to keep the VRT down and try not to bring in anything at all special. Then they (SIMI)lobby against the importers.

Then the insurance agent looks at you like you have three eyes when you mention anything with a big engine. Big seems to be about 1.6 there! Then there is a bit about asking if the car is an import! They havent built a car in Ireland for years so they are all imports! And the premiums....

The roads are sh*te so cars that have spent more than say about three years on them are pounded to hell.