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172 17 wheels

Can anyone help, im going to order some 17 this morning for my 172 exclusive and i want to check offset! 7x 17 with 205 40 17 and a 35mm offset sound about right?? ohh and some wheel suggestions!!

Pretty sure the offset is ET35-45 on a 172. My 17s are ET38 and fit fine.

48 is closer to a vauxhall size (ET 49) - Doubt if they will fit. Ideally you want 4x100, ET35-45
  Silver Fabia vRS

We are talking about this in the Admin Forum and the offsets are:

MK1 172: ET43

MK2 172: ET48.5

172 Cup: ET38.5

My 17" ACE 197s are an offset of ET40 and I get no scrubbage. It seems people with ET37 are getting rubbing on occasions.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Yeah I love the ACEs too...very individual so dont go getting any ideas....or Ill send da guyz round with the baseball bats!

Tom - I have just replied to it.

No im getting them!! Ive wanted them for ages but i have no money, ill wait another few months yet though. Mine isnt a 172 so thats kinda different. I could get 18s just to show you up :D
  Silver Fabia vRS

Right thats it...guys with the bats are coming to get ya! You know Im only kidding!

You could go for 18s then I can nick them and swap them with my 17" ones :D Just make sure you put some good tyres on for me!