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172/182 get a megane sport 225 foot rest to match pedals

Just collected my megane sport 225 foot rest from renault to match my 172 pedals looks much better than that bit of plastic ill show a pic when fiited.
i just brought 172 pedals and the foot rest all cam eto £120 i no it alot but its brand new official renault i hate aftermarket stuff i only have official stuff.

My 172 pedals are out of stock in england so they are coming from france and picking them up at renault on friday.

the foot rest was inc VAT £32.57. Well worth it.
Just this second finished my white dials. I will put on the foot rest now and show you what its like i havent got my 172 pedals on yet as im collecting them friday from renault put you will get the picture when you see the foot rest on. I havent even seen it on my self yet.Be back in a min.
  RenaultSport clio 182 mk2
Already fitted one on mine. Costs about £32 but matches the other pedals really well.To fit i removed the black plastic footrest (one screw)and used the 3 pop rivets that you order separately .the 4th hole overhangs so there is nowhere to rivet it to. Remember to line up one of the holes to give access to the screw that removed so you can screw the whole thing back in place. You could tape or screw it in place but then wouldn't match the rivets already in the other in trophy forum as there are pictures in there.
yeah autostyle mats - are now 3 years old and still look like new - cost about £120 but worth it i think.
gear knob is a momo one
Yea im ordering my mats soon with out the customs bit all together inc delivery £70.

Just got to find out if a mk2 ph2 gear knob will fit a mk2 ph1 :dapprove:
Thats great as i like the mk2 ph2 gear knob as its blue with silver gear numbers its nice to match my interior, would like the gaitor as well to match.
Have you still got it ?

I would as well but im not to keen on the 172 one ? the 182 is similar to the one i want.
that is a 172 phase 2 knob in the picture - same as 182 as far as i know.
had to cut it off with a hacksaw to get my new one on lol!
Oh it is i think. I was on about the mk2 ph1 172.

I see what you mean as i have got to cut off my one tog et my new one on.

The only thing i can do is to order one from renault.

I should be able to get the gaitor from some where but i dont know if that will fit as well ?
no - it was a nightmare to find - they ask for the reg number of your car and seen as i have a clio its not much use so end up having to explain what im after and them looking at me stupidly!
  RenaultSport clio 182 mk2
Megane footrest fits clio 82 00 308 061 £27.72 + vat
rivets to fit ( pack of 4?) 77 03 072 051 £0.33 + vat
Had to find a from a Megane 225 before the dealer
could look it up though!