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172/182 Interior Fitting

  RS Meg 175
Am i right in thinking that a 172/182 MK2PH2 interior will fit into a MK2PH1 1.2 like mine <<< apart from the doorcards??
Is there a reason while people dont tend to do it?

Thanks :D
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
should fit yeah...but youll need to rewire the seat airbags...(connectors need swapping i beleive)
  Monaco Blue Mk2
It does fit yes, you just ignore the seat airbag wires (no light comes on as they're not meant to be in your car in the first place. The seats are a straight swap, disconnect battery and leave 5 mins, Unplug wires under seat, unbolt seats, bolt in new ones, connect wires. Like you siad the front doorcards don't fit and this is the main reason people don't do it. Plus the plastics are a different colour so not the best match. There is a full guide in the guides forum detailing the full fitting including doorcards. A Haynes manual can also be handy.