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172 beeping like a smoke alarm


I was loading the car up earlier and heard a funny beeping noise and thought it was the smoke alarm battery as Id left the front door open. Washed and polished the car this evening and had the boot open to do the top of the rear bumper and heard the noise again but its coming from the rear of my car. As I say it sounds like when the batteries are going in your smoke detector only quieter, could it be anything to do with the sat-nav as this is in the boot??

  2005 Impreza WRX STI

it will be the weight sensor fitted on the rear bumper mate. u got weight in your boot?u overloaded it?

No mate, first thing I checked was the lights, its a different noise anyway, there were no windows open either, only the boot and it wasnt locked???

Girlfriend just called to say that the hazards were flasing when she got home, had to unlock and turn them off manually!?!? I know they werent going this morning when I left the house and its not been moved since I washed it so I would have noticed them going then, my cars going mad!!