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172 Beware


  Audi TT Stronic

Was looking at the leon cupra R before I bought my 172 but the leon had nothing on the clio. I think it will be the same case with the ibiza.

Plus I think in the looks department the clio would have to win everytime.

They worked out any performance figures? Do you know how much they weigh cos 190bhp could make it 0-60 in 6.5 easily which is faster than the leon cupra r..which wouldnt make sense to have overlapping models

Looking at it again i do like it, but the proportions arent quite correct, looks like they have kept the same width as the base models and so looks a bit tall. What chassis does the Ibiza have, is it the new golf one or something?



Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 14 February 2003

They worked out any performance figures? Do you know how much they weigh cos 190bhp could make it 0-60 in 6.5 easily which is faster than the leon cupra r..which wouldnt make sense to have overlapping models
Clio Cup/172 0-60 6.6 avg

RS megane 6-6.5 secs

They overlap? the trick is market segment not performance


  Audi TT Stronic

I do like the fact that its a turbo lump though.. just for that dump valve and tuning potential



Being a seat sport car the set up will be bespoke (as much as ti can get anyway- after all its mass production)

its pre-production so its proably not got the final set up fitted (hence the 4x4 look) someone photoshop it lower please

all you have to do to see its potential is look at the brakes

the engine can very easily tuned to a rather pointless 300bhp +

and as for the derv version thats going to be scary if you tune it far too much torque- lovely!!

lol ill wait for the chassis details first, and weight. Thing is it means it will be group 20 insurance and from the photos ive seen it looks like an A2, in base form anyway. 0-60 must be in mid 4s though..

The german power war continues!



At our house we arw awaiting the 650bhp RS8

(which is getting tuned too!!- 1000bhp Audi anyone?)

Thats all well and good Tom but as i often say the weight of the things means its never going to be truly satisfying. I like the big S8s, id even say theyre quite sexy but if you got in an elise and then back in an S8 youd feel so underwhelmed. I think 650bhp would be enough.

I would like to think that the new Cupra has better handling than the old one, it was diabolical. Having said that though apparently the R was always a good handler.



Ok fair play

but there is sommat about sheer thrust i like

going to 1/4 mile the "old" S8 in the summer

its had a few more mods since i last spoke and its due for its rr at scotts soon




from 511

its had a new induction system fitted and another remap its got a new s/c pulley too

but its the torque that we are trying to sort out hes aiming for 700lbs/ft

Jill and I saw the "model" of the new Ibiza Cupra R at the motorshow last year. As Jill will testify too, i was VERY excited about its release, as the model looked absolutely phenominal.

I have to say, im disappointed in the real life version. For starters its about 1/2 the width of the model projected, and the arches dont flair even a 1/4 of how the model suggested. Anyone got any pictures of the rear? There was supposed to be a pyramid brakelight built into a bloody great wing - i doubt that made it into production either.

That 1.8 20v T VAG engine is absolutely phenominal for tuning. On most of the various release forms of that engine, for as little as £400 (Chip/ECU remap) people are seeing figures go from 140-150bhp, to over 200, and from the high spec cars (210bhp Leon Cupra?) even more. Couple that with a full system, good induction/DV, and youve got yourself a flying machine.

With the influx of white-hot hatches being released (Focus RS, Fiesta Rallye, Alfa 147 GTA, Golf R32, *CTR* etc) I think manufacturers not in the race are crazy. Each of those cars mentioned is going to be mentally popular, and the other car manufacturers are going to be left behind.

700lbs/ft? Its in gear times must be outrageous!

The turbo vag engines are good but id like to see how the polo chassis copes first. If the ibiza is lighter than a 172 it could become tempting..