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172 coilovers in development

Hello people, due to the lack of response in the mod forum, i thought it might get better veiwing here as it taken me a bit of work and i thought many of you would be interested.


Mardi gras motorsport are currently helping me create the suspension for the cliosport cup in zhuhai china.

Their CTR touring car (super production) is in HK racing with GTi enginnering who are the people im working with to create the clio RS-R package. They can do almost anything you want! but i does cost.

If you look in the latest news, you can see the CTR being raced by Paul Poon who i sold a clio 172 to 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, they are making the 172 coilovers for me and if anybody with a 172 that is interested in high quality 172 coiovers custom made with bilstein inserts please contact me @

I am sorting out orders for about 30 cars, is we can get more, then theyll be super goood value and highly exclusive!

They are coilovers with main and tender springs, adj platforms and adj damping rates, straight swap for old suspension and included a strut bar to keep the struts in pace, they are camber adjustable too. the cost for 10 cars is currently around the 2K mark, but will fall dramatically if we can get orders for 40, i have pledged for 30 units already.

BTW, please do not mention this to them as its all in development and they dont want it out yet, and i will sort orders if your interested.

<a target="_blank" href=>Mardi Gras Motorsport


wel, these are to spec racing items.....i.e super production class which is more than they use in the cliocup series which is uprated Laguna items.

With 10 sets the price was 2K!!!!!
but thats still cheap as it usually costs that much for 1 damper unit in SP class!@!!

But im bringing it down with orders from me of 30 sets and were making them slightly less adj, for lower costs...

I gues you should now that there are coilover kits from H&R and from Bilstein for the 172s much cheaper than what you said about 700pounds + -.

yes, but their not quite cusom made and based on the cliocup series rates. The H*R and bilstien are almost gaurateed to be estimated spring puondage and damping rates.
These howevere, are being made by the team who has the no.3 driver in the champiochip, so they know what works and what doesnt.

The reason i posted this was because im doin the asian cliocup series here, and since were having them made, i thought som people would very interested in such a custom item...thats all.

I am interested but as other people say they are expensive, and for me for suspension mods the wrong side of a grand. I can see that they are good value for what you are getting

i know, they are highly priced..i was shocked until we priced up other super prod class suspension....for a civic....2.5k per corner!!!! AIYA!

im bringing it down though.

good thing is that they are based on proven settings...unlike koni gaz or the rest. Although good quality and good value, they are nothing more than the strut tubes filled with increased rating on the spring poundage and dampig rates.....might as well pull the figs out randomly!

OK, update.

its down to about 1,400 quid for 25 uits, it will go down if we can get more people interested.

it comes with a strut bar, coil over in design. Camber adjustable with offset bolts. the rear is adustable for camber with tapered shims to bolt behind teh sub axles....and toe adjustable too.

inserts, shims, bolts are all the REAL clio cup parts, inc. the bilstien inserts they use the the cliocup series!!

Capt, you might be interested

Just think about it. the cliocup racers have to change hubs and entire mounting points etc, and we are getting them custom made to just bolt on!!!


hmmm.....cliocup suspension for a turbo engine without the turbo......NO!

But i know you would like one!!

I thought that

you KNOW you want to play....

Turbo thick wall crank..

Nitride insert pistons

Sodium exhaust valves

6 speed box capable...

but, if ya cant handle the potential ... no probs.......


in fact ... Nick Read should have one...
run a 150 shot... hmmmmmm yes....

ok nick.. £850 for the lump lol... thats me final offer..... and its BRAND NEW !!!

(Im skint when it comes to cars lol.. Jayne sez so ! )


um...potential im more than up to!!

unfortunately, having 1 knackered RT with no engine, and a 20yr old ford, my bank manager aint up to it!

and i got an AE86 corolla comming......

this will be my baby!
200bhp NA 1.6 10,000rpm.....yummy!


i hate slow cars!!
more than with a passion!

but my girl loves the looks, and i love my XR2! haha


Just asking but...

How many hours to fit the kit?
What about spares?
Can you pay by CC?
What about shipping?


How many hours to fit the kit?
-dunno, maybe 3, but you can go it, its stright bolt on and off stuff, no need ot change springs or anything!!

What about spares?
-you can get them easy...the teammaking them race the clio cups.

Can you pay by CC?
-i should think so

What about shipping?
-there based in the UK

Sorry...being dopey and didnt *read* what you had written - assumed is was HK sourced....

I take it the price was inc. of VAT?

If it was closer to the 1k it would be an easier decision.....SANTA!!!