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172 Cup Car Mats

Any suggestions for decent Cup mats without shelling out at Renault? I currently have Williams ones with metal heel plates but with my size 13 feet Im not getting any grip as my heel slips off the back of the metal (hard to explain but very annoying!)

Im hoping their is some website that makes custom 172 ones or something...?

Quote: Originally posted by Gaz2130 on 21 May 2005

Gaz is right................for the money justmatz are perfect i cot mine from there and there perfect after 6 months.

plus you get a good discount with

the mats in the monico blue 172 (2,3,4) pics after across from the red one are mine.

Those Cup mats arent on the list of available logos despite them showing them as an example. Bit of a pain in the arse as it looks like I need to get a quote etc.

Or am I missing something?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

just e-mail them"> the picture and tell them thats what you want, but like I have said, I have already done that and they came back with £139!, let me know if they tell you any different!