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172 CUP - Freeport, Braintree - Saturday - CS Sticker

  Golf GTI 1.8T
Leaveing the carpark in't afternoon, think i recognised the face...?

also see a mk1 172 in outside halfords.
  Civic Type R-GT (2007)
that would be me :)
I saw u parked up at Halfords, was just buying the mrs some 'P' plates as she'd just passed her driving test.
  Golf GTI 1.8T
thought you sold your car ages ago geoff!

you still with whats-her-face? I see her in debenhams long time ago!
  Civic Type R-GT (2007)
I bought an apartment instead of a new car so kept the cup (which is no bad thing i guess, just meant I had to cancel the order for my elise 111R :cry: ).