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172 CUP - front splitter

I know this has come up before, but Im trying to get my hands on the front splitter for a 172 cup, but Im having trouble with the lads tryingto find the part no, I know one wass quoted a while back in another thread, but it aint on the computers, so.... can some kind Cup owner please post up their Oval plate details, or PM me with their original number plate so I can get them to find the part No. and order it up please?



Cheers mate, but Ive tried that and it doesnt come up on the Renault parts system :( So I really wana try a cup number plate and get it through that, or the oval plate info.
  320d M Sport

get EVO and copy the number plate from there...its hx02 XXX. MAke sure u post the part number as im after one too!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Asked at my local dealer this morning - they cant get Cup parts at the moment. Cup owners - go carefully!!

I think it maybe easier to get hold of the astra splitter, cos renault are saying that they can order it, but they cant get a price for it, and the guy at the main Renault UK parts place said to my blokey down my local dealership that it could cost upto £250 due to it not being available yet! :eek: sounds like mailto:cr@p">cr@p to me, but then, its Renault, so you never know!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I was in W A Lewis Renault at Shrewsbury this morning - they have a 172 Cup in the showroom - no front splitter....

probably not yet fitted, as Im sure someone on here got the number from a splitter that was on the back seat of a cup in a showroom somewhere.

Maybe I could just nick one? :devilish: