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  Clio Williams No123
I have a problem with the 172 Cup...

Its started making a loud noise under acceleration, like the exhuast got louder.

I've inspected as best i could the exhuast and theres no apparent holes or cracks.

Steering, braking, handling, gear change are apparently unaffected.

When down shifting from say 3rd to 2nd the noise doesnt increase with the revs as it does with acceleration.

Recently i experienced some brake fade driving over roundabouts, but as the braking appears to be ok, i cant presume its that. The problem occured after driving over several speed bumps in quick succession. The car is totally standard and is due its 36k service. Its not previously suffered from the common faults of the baffles working loose or breaking engine mounts.

Any help is greatly appreciated as my mum was expecting to take it to the lake district tomorrow :eek:
You'll need to bleed the brakes most likly.

Check the mounts don't need adjusting they might just have moved to there limits and cathcing other exhaust bits.

36k though will mean your exhaust is probably on the way out check the pipe infront of the rear box it will be cracking.
Smokey McPot said:
Cool. I'll get them checked.

I'm surprised about the exhaust....My willy's lasted much longer than that
Yep, some are still on stock exhaust I don't expect to see any 172's on stock exhaust in 5 year f if they are the'll be very rare or been modified with an extra mount to siz the inbuilt design fault with the system.
Smokey McPot said:

assuming its the exhuast, are there any rough prices anywhere for a cat-back system?
If you shop around stock Renault copy part can be bought for £90 or so.

Atermarket there loads of chocie. The Ktec stealth is popular you might pick one up on the forum even now and again.
  Clio Williams No123
Strange Noise

The File plays in quick time.

About half way through you can hear the noise intermittantly, this occurs with the accelerator slightly depressed, and isnt a result of tapping the pedal for instance.