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172 Cup is mine!

  Mk1 V6 Import

Just Bought a 172 Cup - delivery end of September!!!!! Sooooo cant wait!! Anyone else joined the cup club yet???

Dealer here in Belfast said there was 407 left out of the 500 - 406 now !!!

Nice car mate... Your sig. mentions a 150bhp RSi - is that achieved without nitrous? If so, how!?! I used to have one until it blew up on the way to look at the 172!


Ive just got an email back from R-Sports after I had enquired about the performance mods, here it is!

"Thanks for the enquiry R Sport Ltd is the offical supplier for Renault Sport
Clio 172 and Formula Renault championships in the uk and will be testing
parts for the new 172 cup in the near future."

or, the lack of climate control, abs, leather, wheels, bodywork, tyres, engine etc..

sorry was jokin about the wheels, bodywork, tyres, engine etc.., but...

speed is not everything.. If you can even contemplate living without climate control in ANY car.. I worry

So much to sacrifice for so little...

or... Never, in the field of human car buying, has so much, been removed, by the manufacturer, for so little....

or... we will race them on the beachs, we will race them on the highway, but... NEVER .. will we be sweaty and uncomfortable, or ABS less.. or HEAT REFLECTIVE AND SOUND DEADENNING SCREEN less, or Leather less, or SPARE WHEEL LESS, or etc etc etc......... in a normal 172.....

(fades from Churchill mode..)

camera pans back to almost the real world

ps, you COULD have bought a real 172,, and spent the EXTRA DOSH you paid the rip off uk dealer (please insert... wherever you live) on some SERIOUS performance mods...

I paid £10,999 for the real McCoy...

and some people want to pay 12.5k for a budget version........


Nurse..... Aghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

me steady pills please !!!!!!!.ooooooooo , errrrrrrrr missus......

Amazed... but its a learning experience lol..


Climate control/Air Conditioning....Im still tring to think what that could be used for up here in Scotland?? I havent used it, but for clearing the windscreen, since I got the car. Even when it is hot up here the air is still relatively cool, so a wound down window does the trick!


teady, M8..

I am sorry to say this.. but .. you are a Ludite...... lolol

Scotland ?? ... I thought it had been compulsary purchased or something..


Teady, shame you havent heard any specifics about the tuning goodies for the cup, the local Renault dealer here said he was still trying to get exact details and prices, but they semmed to think that there would be some diff stages iof engine tuning available, and this would of course apply to any model 172...Captain, doyou know how much extra power can be got from the 172 lump, what are they going to have to do to get more power????

would of course be seriously interested in Renault Sport approved and developed engine mods...


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Tim -

You sure there are only 500?!

Because... my mate whos Dad owns our local Renault dealer checked it out for me, to see if they were a limited run or a permanent addition to the Clio range and he told me they are doing 1000 Cups in the UK.

Anyway, whether its 500 or 1000, at least one of them will be getting the turbo treatment!!!

"Never, in the field of human car buying, has so much, been removed, by the manufacturer, for so little...." - Now thats quality Captain!

  Mk1 V6 Import

Of course anybody who bought a cup could have bought a real 172, but this is a car for hardcore enthusiasts and its limited unlike the standard 172. Upgrades only available for the 500 production cup cars - its like a special thankyou for helping Renault back to the rallying series. Its nice to know youre driving a car with that extra history behind it. Im also sure like the williams 1 that these cars will still sell for 8 or 9 Ks in 7 or 8 years so its also an investment. With regards to the seats - they are coming out for official FIA approved race seats, roll cage , fire extinguisher etc only available for cup customers (Car has to go back to Renault sport to fit them under warranty - how else do you think renault could keep performance upgrades under warranty - standard 172s are not covered for this package and can not purchase the upgrades as like the cup the parts are specially made for the specific car) Air con and climate control are not a selling point for customers into their performance cars Fopr one they use 5% of the cars power when they are on and its like the magazines say - drivers can forego their aircon and luxuries etc and get into the performance and technical specs of the car. If i want aircon (but in this Irish climate where it rains 99% of the year - I dont think so)I can rip it out of my 1999 Mk 2 Rsi (tuned to 150BHP without NOS for track days)- and yes it will hug the new focus RS and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi!!! amongst others. Anycar thatll do 0-100 in 16.9secs (official figures, but this will be beaten Im sure)Dont get me wrong, Im just standing up for the car Ive chosen to buy.

And relax...........
  Mk1 V6 Import

According to my dealer in Belfast (largest in Northern Ireland) she looked up the computer when I gave my deposit and it brought up 407 remaining out of 500 made. They are all built and sitting in Dieppe ready to be shipped over to the UK import centre at the end of september!
  Clio 197


Any details on the upgrades, seats rollcage etc available from Renault Sport would be appreciated. Prices etc.

As my car will more or less be living on the ring, I might as well spring for them at the outset...

  Mk1 V6 Import


Prices not available yet but Renault Sport give you an exclusive pack with a R-Sport catalogue of all upgrades available and apparently vouchers, discounts etc for clio cup race meetings/V6 races throughout UK/Europe etc plus limited edition certificate and car authenticity details!!!!

Will keep you updated though - keep in touch
  BMW 320d Sport

yeah on that list you did Joe, I havent got a single one of those soft luxuries that you cant live without mate. Guess its down to whos hardcore and who really wishes they had a confy Jag instead of a hot hatch!


all that weight and goodies is easily sorted with an extra 1 psi boost !!

It aint about hardcore.. .. its about comfort... and.. safety

its just cheaper than a uk dealer sourced 172, and, still more expensive than a non dealer sourced 172..

for the difference in price you could have your cake, and clotted cream, and eat it...

and, have a grand to 1500 to spend on other goodies..

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Its just what you get used to. I would have been happy with a cup before I bought mine, but now I couldnt live with one!

ABS is a must on public roads!!!! Especially in a powerful car!

zzzzzzzzzzz.....change the record. you can argue about this til your blue in the face and never agree. if you want luxuries buy a 172, if you want less creature comforts and a very slightly quicker and prolly better handling car and that bit of exclusivity, buy a i did. the only factor which i would agree with the normal 172 owners is the abs safety issue which is a fair point....although, i suppose you could just look where youre going and then you should never need to lock up! (famous last words)

is it true about the end of sept, mines due on the 5th but not been confirmed yet. reno gave me some story about the factory being closed through august...alright for some innit!


Tim (Lennox)

Of course anybody who bought a cup could have bought a real 172, but this is a car for hardcore enthusiasts and its limited unlike the standard 172. Upgrades only available for the 500 production cup cars - its like a special thankyou for helping Renault back to the rallying series. Its nice to know youre driving a car with that extra history behind it. Im also sure like the williams 1 that these cars will still sell for 8 or 9 Ks in 7 or 8 years so its also an investment

I really do not understand where you get the above from m8 ??.

Hardcore enthusiasts ???.. nope, cheaper op[tion by renault to compete in the highly motivated 11-13k price range.

hats this aout 500 cars ?? naw... renault will release as many as they can sell, there is a start point of 1000 cars for the english market.. this WILL increase if enough demand.

Upgrades available for the 500 cups.. nipe, anyone with a clio can have them.. the warranty issues are bs, the price they will charge to yuo to fit any upgrades will negate any benefit.

As for comparing it to the williams, or, thinking reno have somehow rewarded drivers is a tad optimistic, even bordering on the worrying ...

an investment ??.. lol.. no, sorry, not imho.. it is NOT a performance release or upgrade.. its a downgrade for marketting purposes only. I am sure the price will tumble rapidly after 12 months. this will be due to price differential between the 172 and the bargain basement cup.. if you really believe its gonna be an investment then shares in Enron are possibly still available on the black market .... ..

It s a great car, but it is produced for price and market positioning, not to reward, thank or anything, not a future classic, not a real limited edition... not a performance upgrade, just cheaper..

sorry if I come over negative.. I do like the cup.. but it is NOT limited edition anything.. just a cheaper , lower market segment product.


come on capt...dont ruin his new toy!!

i would love a cup, of course i would have to have the xenon headlamps, but thats it.....well the alcantara is nice too.....especially on the door trims. aircon is nice here too, its about 32deg c average.
ABS is quite useful here too, its quite bumpy and shucks....i got a 172!

seriousely, i would get a cup in the you said yourself, off the top of my head, you said to 100mph it was miles faster or something.

Tim Lennox - When I Spoke to my local Renault dealer, he said that he was sure the mods that are Renault approved for the Clio Cup, are compatible with all model 172s and they are of course Renault approved. Maybe the Renault dealer has made a mistake????

Really got my hopes up, thought I would have 200bhp from me MK1..


Dont worry mate, I understand why you are buying it, I can live with out all those things, I currently have a car that has the looks, the performance, good handling all the creature comforts, Including Recaro leather etc. etc. does 0-60 in a shade under 6 a 1/4 mile just over 13 secs, 285bhp and 290lb ft of torque, if you want a look.

I needed a cheaper car that is cheaper to run etc. due to a job change but still a good toy, so I have ordered a Cup, roll on 3rd October. I was told 130 are sold.

Sure the Renault looks a bit sh*t and the interior isnt brilliant but these are things you can change, and the Cup additions will be right up my street, the bucket seats rollcage etc. so will the turbo mod when I eventually move nearer to where I will be working.

I could have bought a normal 172 for 11.5k new on import but chose to go for the Cup as I for one will be ranting mine on the track as I do my current beast and will take full advantage of the changes (improvments in my mind) if I wanted creature comforts and performance I would be looking at Leon Cupra or Mini Cooper S (changer the compressor wheel on that and you see some performance)

I also agree with capt slarty though, I doubt the car will be an investment and was only brought out IMO to allow renault to compete with the Cooper S which is a better car for the money than a standard 172.


Lol Craggs...

I only know of one turbo mod for the clio 172 / cup at the mo....

One for the cup will be at a local reno dealer.. but it wont come from reno lol. - might come from a bit nearer to home


I am not adverse to throwing money at cars, or using my motor as a development vehicle, if there is not a turbo/supercharger upgrade available when the time comes Ill build my own, so get on with it and save me the hassle

Seriously though the mod you guys are working on sounds just the trick, although I would be very interested in what Renaultsport do to get the proper Cup racer to 100mph in 10secs, cant all be down to the box and additional wieght reduction can it?

Hi guys,

the cup engine (in the racers) is a sealed bog standard 172.

the ecu is different, and the exhaust.

However, the power is only marginally increased.

the 0-100 is down to the sequential manual box and the lack of weight. but to get a public cup to this weight would mean canibalising it completely..

Sandys, sorry m8, I was being naughty there the only cup turbo mod that I am aware of is the one I am doing that has been purchased by a local reno dealer to be installed on a brand new cup.

If I can be of assistance with your own conversion, let me know m8.


the box is about 6-7k aghhh !.
  Mk1 V6 Import

Still a quicker car though to 60 and 4 secs quicker to 100 (Same as a wrx sti) and 5 secs quicker from 80-110 in 4th etc etc etc..............yawn yawn, very boring I know but put it like this its more limited tha a standard 172