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172 Cup - Rear brake compensator dismantled and question on bypassing.

So guys.

I stripped down the compensator to see what was what. I understand the mechanics of how these work in general. But am I right in saying that because the level isn't attached to anything, the compensator never changes the bias, as intended on my 172 Cup.

Now.. the next point. I don't believe I can simply remove this and go straight back to the master cylinder as there is still a preset value in the valve.


1) In it's current state is the bias set and can I just install that block in inline in the plumbing inside the car when I lay new lines.

2) Can I just remove that altogether and install a brake bias level inside the car to set the correct value.

3) Does anybody know what the actual bias is on these cars and how can I test/calibrate brakes. How is it done on race cars?

Thanks a lot guys.

Has anybody else ever rebuilt one of these before?

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