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172 cup rear caliper alternatives?

  172 Cup, Freelander
what other cars have the same rear calipers as the 172 cup?

N/S has seized up and needs replacing. My local salvage spot have a 2005 DCi in, do these even have rear disks, if so are they the same?

Cheers :D
  BMW M135i
Saxo VTR/VTS and 106 GTi share them, and the Ph3 dCi100 and 1.6s have them too. A 2005 dci100 should have them, but the 60 and 85 not.
  172 Ph1, Lupo GTI
You need to make sure you get the same piston size as theres a number of variants (30mm and 32mm pistons). When in doubt swap both.
  Clio Mk2 Ph3
Go for DCI 100 rear caliper.Is exactly the same with RS(piston size 30mm).32mm piston size have, Citroen xsara HDI + VTS + 206RC + 306s16v-ZX167