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172 cup sports cat??

  200bhp 172 cup
I have a 182 manifold, k-tec decat pipe and the k-tec recessed exhaust system on my 172 cup and its now mot time :( the obvious thing to do is buy the k-tec sports cat to fit the 182 manifold and 172 system but at 320 quid its rather steep seeing asthough i just would like the car to get through the mot ok. Do any of you guys have a better or cheaper idea??
The 182 cat does not fit unless you were to butcher it but then you have the problem with the internal material too so not really a option.

Try something like a Vauxhall or Rover cat as they have a smaller silencer part. All you need to do is get some flanges made up to mate with your system. It dosent need to be pretty.

Other options are do the rounds and see if there's anyone who will ''leave the decat on'' ;)

If your really despo you could do some old wives tales like stuff some rags in the exhaust lol