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172 Economy

Test drove a cup today, as i am looking to buy one. The trip computer said 33.33 mpg. The car is a demo car and had done 500 miles, so still had some losing up to do, but has been trashed for 499 of them i supsect.

Is this mpg figure accurate ?

What are you lot getting ?

i get around 30 ish thats running on optimax which i use 100% of the time

best from a tank (most ive fit in was 46L) was 340miles worst was 250miles

over the 22 times i have filled up since i have had had my 172, ive averaged 33mpg

i usually refill with 1 gallon left to go and i get somewhere between 250 - 300 miles out of the other 9 gallons....


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Yeah, they are great on fuel.

When my mate got his 172 we were amazed at how good a tuned 2.0 litre can be in fuel, even driving it with a bit of spirit. He gets amazing economy driving normally on a run.

Filled up about 5 times since getting it now (I dont do a lot of mileage!)

Averages around 32/33mpg over the whole tank and that is all towny/trafficky/stop start horrible driving and not holding back (not caning the nuts off it the whole time either).

As soon as you get it on the open road, the economy is even better. I drove to Stevenage and back (and thats like a 50ish mph journey on A roads), and by the time Id got back, the average was at 39.2mpg! - shame I managed to get that back down to 34ish like usual over the rest of the tank!

All I can say is that for its engine size, it returns remarkable economy.

How do uz all manage to get 30+mpg around the doors as im only averaging below 30, Whats the normal speeds uz r going on a run? ive managed 40+ on a straight run, and what petrol do you use normal unleded or optimax?

ive aimed to only use Optimax in mine

I think ive used BP Superunleaded 3 or 4 times (when i couldnt make it to a shell garage), the rest of the fuel has been Optimax

You dont have to use optimax, it just works at its best then. Renault shouldnt and probably didnt design the engine to use soley optimax considering the price and lack of fuel around, especially since you have normal 172 owners as well as enthuiasts.

However there is no illusion in that optimax is well worth using. You may of seen the skoda turbo in max power which has superchip with three stages, the third relies on optimax for an extra 10-15bhp.

It would be interesting to know if car testers used optimax while driving the 172 (and doing 0-60 times etc.) which is what renault would of used.

The real test would be if someone did a rolling road session with and without optimax.

Quote: Originally posted by Paul172 on 06 January 2003

How do uz all manage to get 30+mpg around the doors as im only averaging below 30, Whats the normal speeds uz r going on a run? ive managed 40+ on a straight run, and what petrol do you use normal unleded or optimax?
Town and between town driving. Usually around 30-40ish mph - no higher than 60 for any sustained period - but 60 is a rarity and only for about a minute on my usual work journey. Like I said in my previous post, I get closer to 40mpg if I get an open road for any great length of time.

I wish the instataneous MPG function worked like the handbook says. It would be interesting to see what it was getting at any one time.

I use Optimax if I can help it, but have had to go to BP Super once when it was a choice between that and running out!
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I dont know what your moaning about, I would chop my left leg off to get 30mpg, mine is usually 24mpg! This is using Optimmax and usually just short runs. I notice when it gets a bit of a thrash the economy is better.

Come to mention it on the track day i got a better mpg than day to day road use.

Well, believe or not, mine averages about 22-23mpg!

My journeys are pretty much all stop/start/wait at lights/start/stop etc...

wish I got 30+ :(

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Hello....Ive have had the 172 since the beginning of December 02....I have had the fuel economy as high as 43 mpg at a constant 56MPH and more recently averaging 33MPG at 95MPH for a 300Mile journey. Last car was a puma 1.7 and the fuel economy was tops of 38MPG at 56MPH (Remember the fuel strike) and 23MPG at 95MPH. This ratings are based on using optimax

I used to get 34-36mpg with my mk2 172 @ an average 85mph over a 211 mile run. The car spec was as follows:

Lowered f40/r35 with koni adj. all-round, Superhchip, Devil cat-back, OMP front & rear strut braces - rear didnt seem to do much!, Ecotec valve - I swear they work!, alternator disconnect based on vacuum switch, handmade de-cat, uprated panel filter and running Uniroyal wet tyres all round.

On the same run in my cup I get 34-38mpg @ an average 85mph. The cup only has alternator disconnect and an ecotec valve.

I have a rear strut brace here that was removed from the Mk2, perfect condition. Like I said, it didnt make much difference but its free to anyone who wants to collect it...... its the OMP brace in yellow.

Around 37mpg from mine. It does virtually no stop-start town stuff, so obviously Im not trying hard enough :(

I have done 6500miles in my cup and can get well in to the 40mpgs when cruising at about 50ish. In fact today i averaged 46 for my 32 mile journey to work from braintree essex to frinton. Even when thrashing it i rarely see less than 33mpg. My journey consists of pretty much one long stretch of empty dual carriageway mind you...