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172 engine in RT

  Leon Cupra

A mate of mine wants to put a 172 engine and box into his RT and also 172 brakes up front. What do you guys think?? I’m thinking it sounds more hassle that it worth he might as well just get a 172, but he says he wants it to be a “sleeper” and that it will be “different” LOL:D. Will the engine, box and brakes fit to an older Clio?? One more thing, does anyone know of any 172 brakers because he wants an engine.

Tim. will take more fabrication that its worth.

you might as well get a whole 72 front sub assembly and wirering loom and just replace the front end of teh car with that.....

you will need the entire 172 front end suspension too as the drive shafts, breaks, hubs etc will all need to be replaced....

sounds like fun....but not worth will suck in the handling dept.....waste of money.
  Leon Cupra

Just told him about your reply Ben to try and put him off, but he still seems as if he wants to do it :confused:. So again does anyone know of any Clio brakers yards??


haha....if hes determined...then i dont see why not.....just help him realise how much work itll be...

he will have to spends night and day on it and all of his money.....might as well put a cossie V6 twin turbo in the back then.....itll be easier!

wont it be easier if he put a R5 GTT engine in? actually BenR would a GTT engine fit in mine? only problem i can see is the GTT ECU not compatiable to my car. will fit,

but you will need a doner car for all parts, and you will need to fabricate a fair amount of parts for mounts, linkages, DSs hubs etc etc.......a long process....since you would be the first!

i think engine swaps are great! but too much work for me...i prefer to tune teh original em lazy..HAHA

there was a RT with a R5 turbo engine at the nothern RR day, that certainly was a sleeper, me and my brother was behind it as we set off to the rolling rd, seeing the back end dropped as it acclerate make our jaws dropped, i think we both said WTF lol

after seeing that i well want a sleeper, a turbo mk2 clio would be so cool, with 172 brakes, drive shaft etc

saw a mate who i havent seen for a while, brought himself a Uno turbo, it was a proper dog with everything rattleing, but the pull of the engine impressed me

A 172 engine in a RT is not worth it at all. Talk to Nick Hill about it, people ask him to put a 172 lump in to a 16v. Its far too much work. And a RT isnt strong enough.

  Leon Cupra

I know it’s not worth it but he has got the idea in his head now and he is the type of guy that does NOT!!!! change his mind. So once again does anyone know any Clio brakers??


um.....none that would sell a F4R and well, basically, you would need an entire 172 with an undamaged front end.....i bet as soon a s the price tag lands he will forget all about it.

a damaged clio 172 with an undamaged front end will be hard to find.

Oh, i dont know of any breakers that could help...there is one Renault specialist, but they WONT have any.

wait till capt get back, he know a garage selling several good condition 172 engines, actuall you can do a search in this forum
  FRST and 106 GTi


I prefered always deep tuning to the std engine that came with the car.

The GTT engine seems to me of so antique and bad mechanic design... I guess I prefer adapting a T2 to an energy... this way it would be unique. :)

F4R to wild to go for that.

J7R? eheh wont fit... damn damn DAMN!!!!