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172 for CTR

Seriously thinking about changing the clio for ctr/leon cupra r!!!

Basically getting fed up with all the little problems the 172 suffers from and the ability of the dealers to put the problems right.

From day 1, problems have been as follows:-

Laquer missing on lower panel behind doors.

Scratch on inside of passenger side window,unfortunately only noticed this shortly after Id taken delivery(security etching still to be done as renault never supplied the templates with the car when new).

Broken trim on the same door due to sub-contractor fitting window and breaking trim.(dealer never bothered to tell me)

Cigarette lighter when removed pulled the whole console out (cup holders).

The infamous 4k rattle which is still there after having new centre section of the exhaust fitted.(Melted servo pipe whilst doing this)

Car is booked in again to try and cure rattle(4th day in the space of 2 weeks)

Passenger side air vent rattles, still waiting after 2 weeks for this to be supplied and fitted.

As well as this the constant rattles that come with the territory are really starting to get on my nerves, hence I am considering buying a new Type-r.

The car is basically a great drivers car, but sometimes you need a little bit more than that.

In my honest opinion this is where Renault fall down.

May be I just want too much out of a car?

Your comments please.


i love driving the car, but all the problems wear you down. THink ill have a german or jap car next.

Since getting the car ive had the following problems

on picking the car up the fuel warning light would not go out

Fuel light was fixed but at the same time the lights stopped working

After a few thousand miles i got a buble on the tyre and that had to be replaced

on about the 4th set of washer balls.

11months old the CAT fell off on the way to a rolling road

now exhaust rattles like mad

not renaults fault but ive had the car keyed

leather gear gator has broken loose this week

nothing major well except the CAT was £865 warrenty job but still it pisses me off, and the dealers are sh1te!!!

at the end of the day the performance is great and to match that in a well built car is going to cost alot more.


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well i would have to say that it sounds like you all have been unlucky, and i am sorry to say but most cars have their problems (not that this should be accepted as normal) and yes the Renualt Dealer are not the best, but again most of the dealers are crap.

I have only had two problems, knocking under wheelspin and the aircon stopped working.

I took it in they said it was a leaking pipe, they sent me out a postcard when the part had arrived, and i delivered the car into them which came back fixed later on the same day.

so I would have to say that my experience with them has been okay.

Hes not really been unluck coz most of the problems hes had there I have had., ie the cig lighter lifting the whole centre section!:(

I have to agree with you regarding wanting just a wee bit more from a car overall. Although I just think the CTR is a sideways step. Of the two Id prefer the Cupra R, I just think it looks brilliant, the turbo engine is very flexible, eg peak torque from 2,500rpm to 5500rpm.

Although since the old man is getting one for the next company car, I wont bother. I think a far more appealing buy would be the new MY03 WRX on import. You can pick one up for £16,800, that gives you 0-60 in 5.5s and 0-100 in 15s, reliability, solid interior and awd grip, allbeit with a dodgy stereo!

The more appealing thing has to be the Performance Pack available for it. Brings the power up to 260BHP and has more torque than the STi, so for a grand less than the Focus RS you could have a car that could run rings round it! i.e. 0-60 - 4.8 and 0-100 in 14s!

I know running costs would be high comparing them to the other cars you have mentioned, but think it must be worth a try for at least a year!

Just a thought!

I can understand why Stu is thinking this as the list of problems aint too good, unfortunately you obviously got a bad one, but mate dont be naiive, every manufacturer has some problem cars. A word of warning with the CTR is that there have been many problems with them, dont think because its Jap it MUST be reliable. I like the Cupra but at the end of the day its a bit too big and heavy for my liking.

Good luck in whatever decision you make!


I have asked people on the CTR web site what kinda problems they have had.... most have not had any and some have had little niggly problems that were sorted out straight away and have not had problem since.... They said every manufacture has some little problems! You buy a honda for solid engineering and thats what you get
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Must admit I am considering a change to a CTR in the future, the more I see them the more I like them and the Clio is a little impractical, it will come down to; can I live without all the toys, for an extra 25bhp? I have not had any problems with my Clio and not needed to visit a dealer other than for oil filter. It is just something in the back of my head saying I should have gone for the CTR.

The thing is Stu doesnt have a bad car, he looks to me to have an average 172. Both mine have had similar problems, my current one has all the problems stu has mentioned bar the scratch on the glass! The thing is I just put up with them, Ive just accepted they come with the territory when buying a 172.

Still think a CTR is a sideways step!

Ill be driving a CTR on Sunday so ill try and give an unbiast review.

At the moment though i wouldnt be able to justify higher running costs for something which isnt any faster and doesnt handle as well. As long as my car isnt falling to pieces i wouldnt care about reliabilty, though everyones different..

Its not a sideways step 4 me as I dont have a 172.... but I know what you mean if I did have a 172 I would want something faster a lot faster.... unless u cant afford the insurance that is then its just a change.... something different of similar performance.

And Rob its faster than a 172..... 0-60 6.4 seconds and does 146 mph.... Plus it will take different corners faster that a 172 as its a different wheel base. The 172 is nippy round towns but the CTR will be better on higher speed corners

etc etc?? Skylines are good but when you put them up against a 911 it becomes a bit of a joke. Supras are nothing special. The ITR is the only car id actually want i think, NSXs are really nice but too slow.

The 172 is nippy around towns!

Im sorry mate but that is the most preposterous statement I have ever hear regarding the 172. Yes I often find my self being able to take that right hander on the high street at least 3 mph faster than a CTR, very satisfying!

Im not going to get into this old CTR faster than the 172 b****cks, coz its not. Half the muppets that drive them could only dream of getting 6.4 to 60, the majority of them struggle, and I mean struggle to get 15.5s over the 1/4 mile!

I dont believe the stated 6.4 either, remember the mini works with 200bhp could only get 6.7 and the hartge kit 6.6 (210bhp).

Anyway, i dont knock anyone for getting a CTR theyre competent cars, just wouldnt get one.

Oh, and even if the CTR was ultimately faster on corners it wont be as the less uncommunicative steering wouldnt give you the confidence to push it!

Hey come on clios are nippy round towns.... lol

From what I have read the CTR is the dogs dangles.... the 172 is the nuts too but im not buying another renault...

The Minis problem was the gear ratio not letting the 0-62 times be improved that much.

If i go to brands on Sunday you can come if you want. I will be driving a CTR (lowered -30mm) and timing it against previous 172 mk2 and Cup times.

Really? what round the track? but u wont be used to the car u need a while to get a feel 4 it.... What time u getting there and is there an entrance cost?

Whats that saying, buy cheap buy twice?

For your money you could of had a well built saloon that corners like a whale and can just about out-perform a milk-float.

But instaead you bought a car that was chucked together by some garlic munchers that think nothing of a bottle of wine for breakfast. But it corners like its on rails and does so quicker than many cars costing two or three times as much. Everyone knows build quality is rubbish but thats not why you buy a 172. I read about their problems on here every day yet Im still going to buy one - I personally would like a zim-zimmer 330 as it has very similar performance but have you seen how much they bloody cost?

You are getting more BPH per dollar than anything else around plus climate control, leather bla bla. But for those few dollars you can not expect German build quality.

Maybe you are asking too much :)

I help out my dads friend, he drives an old Aston in the classic racing so im classified as pit crew. The CTR owner is a mechanic there. I will be around the track yeah but not sure what time as it depends what racing is going on (if at all). Also my dad is moving his horse to a retirement stables where he might need help so it all depends on that really.

Time to beat is 59 seconds (Cup) which is 6 seconds off the pace of proper cup racers. Indy track BTW
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You have to remember the CTR is made in the UK and as a result hasnt been as reliable as other Honda Jap made cars

Quote: Originally posted by geordiepaul on 28 February 2003

You have to remember the CTR is made in the UK and as a result hasnt been as reliable as other Honda Jap made cars

If any of you read auto express you would of seen the amount of complaints they grouped in one issue about a month back
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

ctr is built in swindon, but the engines are built in japan and shipped to the uk.i have had one problem with my CTR and was sorted rapidily by the dealer.this was bad paint on my front splitter and honda actually painted a brand new bumper in swindon and sent it to my local dealer who fitted local bodyshops involved as per the norm.

on the flip side the g/fs 172 is suffering from very bad flaking stone chips on the bonnet of her car and renault do no give a s**t,we visted two sites yesterday and they will do nothing, even though the one guy admitted it was not right, and the only thing we will hopefully get is a report on the paint by an independent paint manufacturer. her car is only 10 months old and in 6 months time the bonnet will be white primer because the paint has pealed our only option now is to go through the hassle of fighting this through the various avenues open to us but one thing is for sure this is the last renault we will ever buy. i will not tolerate seeing my g/f in tears after cleaning her car(was her pride and joy) and finding the paint as it is.i really could do without this hassle that renault is forcing me into.the bloke who looked at the car said that because it was an import this would affect the decision made by renault.what a f***ing statement to make.RENAULT DO NOT CARE A S**T ONCE THEY HAVE HAD YOUR HARD EARNED.Honda have never spoken to me other than with great respect and the customer service i recieve is 2nd to none.

i will give her my CTR, as i have been promoted @ work,and i recieve a company car shortly.

That is diabolical!

The car is still sodding in the first year of warrenty. I cant beleive they are being like that. I rejected my car because it had tiny rust marks all over it, they quibled about that for a while but a bit of pestering made them change their mind. They are surely obligated, at least, to repsray the bonnet and wings.
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

teady me and the g/f went to renault digbeth and wednesbury yesterday, trying to sort this out, had 2 meeting that lasted over 2 hours and came away with nothing.except for my g/f beiing very very upset and me being very angry.I cant believe the way we have been treated by Renault representatives and it has left a very nasty taste in the mouth!!!!!!!

one thing for sure i will am contacting a majority of people to high light this case and show had bad renault uk actually is!!!

the cheeky B******D said the bonnet has had a respray,which we assured him it had not.the only saving grace is that i have had opinions not any facts presented to me as yet.

sorry if this is a little strong but i am still very angry @ the moment!!!!!


  Audi TT Stronic

Well one of the main deciding factors for me was the looks, I am sorry to any CTR owners but it looks like a MPV and a really horrible looking one at that..

I really dont care if the CTR was a second faster to 60 I still wouldnt buy one, when I look at my car I dont want to think eeeuuhh ! oh well at least it shifts it.

I know its all down to personal opinion, buy my opinion is its horrible and would rather have the 172, hence the fact I got a 172.

And I agree about the sidestep thing except for me it would be diagonally backwards step cause I have the same performance but it wouldnt have the looks anymore.

the bog standard civics do look awful and resemble MPVs, the CTR on the other hand does not look like a MPV and should be considered a very capable hot hatch to compete with the best of the current breed