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172 Gearbox Issue


Those people who have had problems with their gearbox grinding going from 5th to 3rd or 2nd to 3rd.

Does it actually make a grinding noise or is just feeling through the gearstick? I can feel (well what feels like) the cogs rotating through the stick when I change v.slowly when the clutch is fully depressed and can feel it baulking when making a fastish change.

Thanks in advance.

Thats exactly how my car feels aswell. Had it at the dealer today and i will be getting a new gearbox.:)

Rob, after a long series of tests from reno.. my box is replaced..

4-3 change when cold (for the first 15-20 mins)

not a grind as such, just feeling it through the stick, if it was an 85 escort, fine :D, but a 10 / 11 k car shouldnt do it at all, at any time...

I think the clutch on the 172 is brutal for the size of the car.. not easy to get a decent - repeatable - change.. so I convinced them to change that as well.. I have had several cars with paddle clutches that were better than a std 172 lol... it lets the car down a wee bit and dont really help with gearbox longevity

they should sort it for you...
  CTR EK9 turbo

Tell me about it folks. I had a new gear box and the new one is starting to crunch. My 83 scirocco 1.6 never EVER crunched in its whole 73000 mile life. My clio has only done 21000 miles and its had a new box. Appalling! AND the fact that yall have had new ones and have crunchings is just also APPALLING!!!!! arrg.